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A learning experience, from Dr. Childers

I recently had the pleasure of gathering with six of the most talented and well respected orthodontists in the country at the office of Joel Gluck in Nashville, TN. We are all members of the Schulman Super Group, which is a group of 125 orthodontists from around the United States and Canada. The seven of us have formed a close relationship over the past years and decided to visit each others’ offices. We represent practices in Ohio, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, and Indiana.

Twice a year we pick someone’s office to visit. Our mission is to “learn by sharing.” Dr. Gluck allowed us to see every aspect of his office and interact with all of his patients. We all take notes during during the day and meet at night to discuss our thoughts. The hosting orthodontist is looking for suggestions from the group on how he can improve the practice. We discuss everything such as the decoration and layout of the office, how the staff functions, how instructions are given, the efficiency of the treatment provided, etc… Although the hosting orthodontist probably gains the most information, I have never failed to leave an office without a whole list of things I would like to incorporate into my office.

I feel like a lot of my success is from the information I learn from others. Having a resource like this will continue to help me provide the best in orthodontic care to my patients. I am truly blessed to have a group of people like this to learn from.

Dr. Kyle Childers

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