What is It Acceledent Aura?

Acceledent Aura is an easy to use, hands free device that speeds up tooth movement. It is composed of two simple parts: an activator and a mouthpiece. After fitting the mouthpiece comfortably into the patient’s mouth, the orthodontist turns on the activator, which emits tiny micropulses. These vibrations serve to accelerate the remodeling of the bone beneath the gums.

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How It Works

The mouth piece is first fitted around the teeth to work in conjunction with the patient’s existing orthodontics at home. Gentle micropulses are applied using the SoftPulse Technology® to accelerate teeth movement as per guidance by the orthodontist.

With traditional orthodontics, this remodeling of the bones can take quite a bit of time. The addition of these soft vibrations, however, has been clinically proven to move teeth much faster. SoftPulse Technology® thus acts as a safe, convenient, and time-saving supplement to conventional orthodontic methods.

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Benefits for Patients

There are many benefits that patients of all ages can experience by using Acceledent with both brackets or Invisalgin. Clinical trials in the U.S. have shown an improvement in the speed of teeth movement by up to 50%. This not only saves time, but also decreases extensive discomfort that patients can feel in the process. In these trials, AcceleDent users reported significantly reduced discomfort and pain levels.

In fact, the micropulses discharged by this device apply eight times less force than a standard power toothbrush, expending 30 Hertz compared to the 260 given off by an Oral B brush. By both decreasing the duration of orthodontic treatment as well as the level of discomfort experienced during the process, patients will be more likely to continue treatment until they achieve their desired results.

Where to Get Treatment

Treatment with AcceleDent will still require a plan of action that is crafted and tailored to each individual’s needs. As such, this system is only available under the guidance of a licensed orthodontic practitioner.

For specialist orthodontic treatment in the Herrin area, contact Dr. Kyle Childers DMD at (618) 997-1800 or visit the friendly and helpful staff at 3315 Patriot Court, Herrin, IL 62948.