All things considered, Childers Orthodontics is a well-oiled machine. We are proud to have long-term staff members with a very little turnover. With the skills necessary to work together to carry out an excellent job, we truly understand the meaning of the word “team“. The staff members have been cross-trained and work together, covering for each other wherever there is a need so that your total treatment is as flawless as possible.

Dr. Childers orthodontic services in Alton have life-changing effects, and the journey through treatment is a comfortable one that is stewarded by professionals who are genuinely interested in you as a person. We work to improve lives one beautiful smile at a time.


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Firstly, the Alton area was home to Native Americans for thousands of years before the 19th-century founding by European Americans of the modern city. Historic accounts indicate occupation of this area by the Illiniwek or Illinois Confederacy at the time of European contact. An earlier native settlement is demonstrated by archaeological artifacts and the famous prehistoric Piasa bird painted on a cliff face nearby. 

Importantly, don’t just see the sites, hit the open road of the Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway all around Alton and experience it all firsthand. Escape in time to be a part of history as you embark on the journey westward with Lewis & Clark. Shop Alton’s “Antique Row” and the surrounding communities for one-of-a-kind finds. Let the river lure you into an outdoor adventure of canoeing, kayaking, boating or fishing.


It Gets Better…

Finally, At Childers Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on being committed to helping you obtain the smile that you have always dreamed of – beautiful and healthy. Our strong commitment to each patient is the driving beat that our practice follows. We’ll always make sure you receive treatment that is worth smiling about!

Accordingly, Childers Orthodontics offer full orthodontic services for Alton and surrounding areas. Furthermore, it’s easy to contact us here for an easy way to make an appointment to see Dr. Childers.

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