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Are You Too Old for Orthodontic Braces?

You’ve guided your children through braces and various types of dental appointments and you’ve seen the change in their appearance. Now you’re wondering, “Does age matter for braces?”. Seeing these children turn into adults and still have their beautiful straight smile might keep you wondering, “Are above 50 years old too old for orthodontic braces?”

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Well, if you wish for straight, even teeth to provide you with a beautiful smile then your age will not matter at all. You’re never too old to get braces if you want to enhance your smile or if your teeth have suffered disease or trauma, after all, what you just want is a more beautiful smile. If you’re unsatisfied with your teeth or feeling less than secure in your appearance because your teeth are not white enough or are not even complete, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Childers’ orthodontic office to get started on your new smile.

The Starting Point For Braces 

The cost, timeframe, and procedure for getting braces for adults are about the same as they are for children. You’ll have an initial consultation with the orthodontist, during which your teeth and gums will be given a thorough exam, and the orthodontist will formulate a treatment plan for you. You’ll probably need some x-rays, but don’t be alarmed — you’ll be protected. Once your examination is completed and your orthodontist knows your objectives and the state of your oral health, you’ll be provided with an estimate of both the cost and the time it will take.

Selecting The Type Of Braces You Want 

Children often select metal braces due to the cost factor, but there are several types of braces available to you, such as:

Metal braces are most commonly installed on children and they’re also the least expensive. Some claim that they straighten teeth faster than other types of braces, but this hasn’t been substantiated yet. Some people respond better to braces than others, but there aren’t definitive studies proving that metal braces are quicker, although they are the most visible. Traditional metal braces are secured to the teeth by brackets. Wires are attached to the brackets, and they’re tightened periodically, which is the process that gradually straightens the teeth.

The Invisalign system uses plastic aligner trays to gently encourage teeth into proper alignment. The trays are periodically replaced and must be removed before eating and drinking.

Ceramic braces are constructed similarly to metal braces, but they’re made of tooth-colored or clear material that is much less visible than traditional metal braces.

Self-ligating brackets have pros and cons, and it’s mostly a matter of personal choice.

Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces except the wires are on the back of the teeth, so they’re almost invisible.

Which Orthodontic Braces Are Best For Adults And How Long Will This Take? 

Your orthodontist will discuss the pros and cons of each type of orthodontic appliance with you, but the choice is ultimately yours. Some types may fit your lifestyle better than others. Lingual, ceramic, and Invisalign braces are less visible but they’re also more expensive. Metal braces are less expensive and may work faster, but they’re the most visible. Keep in mind that you’ll need to wear a retainer after your braces are removed and it can take up to two years or more, depending on your unique response to the braces. If you have questions about which orthodontic braces are best for adults, be sure to ask Dr. Childers and he’ll be happy to answer them.

 Sometimes, patients will have crooked teeth because there’s not enough room on the jawbone for all the teeth in their mouths. If this applies to you, your orthodontist may recommend that one or more teeth are extracted so that there’s room for the straightened teeth. Otherwise, your braces will be ineffectual.

Once your extraction sites have healed, and this timeframe will be different for each patient, then your orthodontist will begin the process of installing braces on your teeth. If you need additional dental work such as fillings, then those procedures will also be performed before the braces are installed. The length of time you’ll need to wear braces will depend on several circumstances, such as:

  • Your age
  • The degree of misalignment of your teeth
  • The type of braces you select
  • Your physiological response to the braces

Ideally, braces should be started between the ages of 12 and 14 because that’s when the teeth and gums are most adaptable to the process. However, no matter your age, you can wear braces and achieve the beautifully straight and even teeth you’ve always wanted.

The Financial Factor 

If you need or want braces but can’t afford them, we’ll work with you on a payment plan. There are several options available depending on your unique circumstances, and we don’t want you to forego needed orthodontic work because of financial constraints. Be sure to bring your insurance information to our office so that we can check your plan provisos for any dental benefits you may have. If you want braces, we’ll help you afford them.

Never Too Old For Braces

Are Above 50 Years Old Too Old For Orthodontic Braces? 

Certainly not! There’s a growing trend of older people getting braces — patients in their 60’s, 70’s, and even in their 80’s. There’s no age limit on self-confidence, and if straight, even teeth will increase your self-confidence, then, by all means, get them.

 Your orthodontist will be happy to answer your question, “Does age matter for braces?” and assure you that it doesn’t. Regardless of the age at which you get braces, your teeth and gums need to be healthy, and there’s no age limit on good oral health.

Don’t Delay, Call Us Today 

If you want beautifully straight teeth, then call one of Dr. Kyle Childers’ orthodontic practices today. His offices are conveniently located in Harrisburg, Benton, and Herrin, and they provide a full range of orthodontic services at each office. Dr. Childers is dedicated to giving back to the community and providing the best orthodontic work possible to his many patients. His offices are equipped with cutting-edge technology and Dr. Childers keeps current on the latest advances in the field. His 25 years of dedication to the community have made him one of the best in the area for orthodontic braces, so call one of his offices today to schedule an appointment.

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Are You Too Old for Orthodontic Braces?

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