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Braces Color Wheel | Find The Best Color For You

Getting braces is a huge milestone moment for older kids and teens who can finally enjoy the happiness that comes with having a beautiful smile. While there are several types of options that are available for teeth straightening today, traditional metal braces are still one of the most popular styles that we use in our office. Not only can these braces correct major gaps and bite issues, but they also give kids a chance to make wearing them fun. Since these braces require special rubber bands, you can play around with different colors to create fun and unique styles. Now that you are ready to give these a try, you can use these strategies to figure out how to choose the best color for your teeth.

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What Are the Purpose of Rubber Bands for Your Braces?

Rubber bands for braces look like a lot of fun, but it is also important to understand that they play an essential role in your treatment. There are two main types of rubber bands that are placed on braces. The first type goes around the brackets, and you will often notice these on the front teeth when you smile. These rubber bands help to increase the tension created by the brackets and wires so that your teeth move into the right places faster.

There are also rubber bands that are placed between the jaws. These attach to special brackets that are placed on teeth on the top and bottom jaw. You will then be responsible for placing the rubber bands on these areas every day until your treatment is complete. These rubber bands also help to add tension to the appliance that moves teeth into place, and they are particularly important for helping to hold the jaw in a specific position to correct issues with your bite. Now that you know more about what are the purpose of rubber bands for your braces, you will want to always make sure that you are wearing them. Plus, putting a new set in your mouth gives you the chance to change the colors.

How Long Should I Wear Them?

The rubber bands that are placed around the brackets on your braces must be changed out by your orthodontist. The schedule for this will vary according to your treatment plan. For the rubber bands that go between your jaws, you will need to wear them the majority of the day. However, you may need to change them out if one breaks while you are eating or if your treatment plan requires multiple daily changes.

What Is a Color Wheel?

You may have seen a color wheel in art class at school. This chart simply helps to show you the relationship between different colors. There are the primary colors on the chart such as red, blue and yellow. These are placed next to the secondary and tertiary colors that are created by blending the primary colors. Color wheels are sometimes used to help people identify which colors go well together when they are designing a fashion look or decorating a house. Artists also use color wheels, and you can use one to identify how to choose the best color for your teeth.

Which Colors Look Best Together?

The easiest way to check out which colors are best to wear on your braces is to learn which ones go together. If you look at a color wheel, you will see that certain colors sit opposite one another. These are called complementary colors, and they generally look great together. For instance, purple and yellow help to create a contrast that makes your braces stand out.

How Can I Choose Colors Based On Skin Tone?

You can also choose colors based upon your appearance. Certain colors look best with specific skin tones. For instance, darker skin tends to look best with bold, bright colors. Think about picking out a color that looks like a gem such as emerald green or bright purple for your rubber bands. For paler skin, try pastel colors such as pink or turquoise. These colors will naturally blend in with your overall facial appearance, and you can trust that they look great no matter what you choose to wear.

Best Braces Color for Whiter Teeth!

What Color Bands for Braces Can Make Your Teeth Look Whiter?

You should also be aware that certain colors affect the appearance of your teeth. Wearing white rubber bands can make your teeth look yellower since natural tooth enamel is never completely pure white. Instead, try picking out darker colors such as dark blue or purple. Keep in mind that certain dark colors are not the best idea for rubber bands. Try to avoid colors such as brown, black or green since these can look like you have food stuck in your teeth.

How Can I Keep My Teeth White With Braces?

When you are wondering what color bands for braces can make your teeth look whiter, you will also need to know how to take care of your teeth with braces. While you can drink colored sodas and juices with braces on, you may want to limit how much of these consume because they can leave behind some color deposits on your tooth enamel. You will also want to keep up with your oral hygiene routine and stick to your normal dental cleanings. We can show you how to use special dental brushes and floss to clean around the brackets and between your teeth.

What Other Ways Can I Pick Out Colored Rubber Bands?

People often choose their colors based upon other factors such as where they go to school or the time of the year. Consider wearing your sports teams colors to get ready for an upcoming competition. Alternatively, you could choose to wear red and green for the holidays or just go with your favorite color. With so many color options, you don’t have to worry about finding the right one. Instead, feel free to experiment with each time you change the rubber bands so that you continue to have fun with your treatment.

We love making it fun to wear braces, and you can choose any color rubber bands that you like at our office. Are you ready to get started on your orthodontic treatment? Give us a call to schedule your first consultation today.

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Braces Color Wheel | Find The Best Color For You

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