Orthodontic Fact #5 Braces are now worn as a fashion statement

smileHave Your Teeth Straightened With Unique Orthodontic Devices

If you are a teenager who needs braces, then you don’t need to wear boring color-matching ceramic or metallic brackets to fix your teeth. Today, many teenagers are choosing colorful brackets and wires for their braces in order to have a fashionable appearance. The most important thing about getting your teeth straightened is visiting an orthodontist for an evaluation. When you have moderate to serious malocclusions, you will need to wear wires and brackets to repair the problems. However, when you only have mild misalignments, you can wear removable Invisalign aligners instead.

Colorful Brackets and Wires Will Make Orthodontic Treatment a Lot of Fun

An orthodontist will provide information concerning colorful brackets or bands. You can choose one color such as red, blue or yellow, but you can also select a rainbow of different colors to express your personality. Wearing beautiful colors of brackets and wires can offer you an attractive facial appearance along with looking fantastic with your clothing. If you select a unique color of braces, then your friends will recognize you anywhere by simply seeing your smile. Wearing bright colorful wires and brackets can make undergoing orthodontic treatment fun.

Schedule Your First Appointment With Childers Orthodontics Today

Childers Orthodontics has three great locations where teenagers can have a great experience having their teeth examined. Call one of these offices today to schedule your first orthodontic appointment with Dr. Kyle R. Childers:

• Herrin – 618-997-1800
• Harrisburg – 618-252-0770
• Benton – 618-438-2815

At our orthodontic office, teenagers can choose from an assortment of orthodontic devices that include:

• Damon System
• Metallic braces
• Colorful SureSmile devices
• Invisalign aligners

If you want to reduce your treatment time, then request an iTero arch wire and Propel treatment. In addition, you can use an AcceleDent Aura device at home for 15-minutes each night to stimulate your alveolar bones.

Orthodontic Fact #5 in style. Braces are now worn as a fashion statement

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