Can I Wear Braces If I’m Pregnant?


Can I Wear Braces If I’m Pregnant?

A new and enhanced look will of course build your confidence and make you feel proud of your appearance while your pregnant. There’s nothing that will make you feel more confident than having an engaging smile that draws people’s attention as you exchange greetings and have conversations with others. Sometimes you do need a bit of teeth straightening or other dental work to correct any other issues with your teeth. There’s no medical reason why you should put off your orthodontic brace treatment until after you’ve given birth to your baby.

See Your Obstetrician Before Undergoing Orthodontic Work

One of the first things you should do as you contemplate having dental work done is a very important but little known fact that you should first make an appointment with your obstetrician to learn whether there any risks involved in undergoing orthodontic dental work while you’re pregnant. With that issue out of the way, you will need to begin making a list of all medications you’re taking and hand it over to your orthodontist.

Why Your Medication List Is So Important

Your orthodontist will use the medication list to learn whether any of the drugs you are taking will result in oral complicated issues later on. This dental specialist will be looking at your current history of medications to determine whether any of the medications have side-effects that could affect your planned orthodontic work.

You will not be given any medications in order to have orthodontic treatment. Your specialist will determine whether vitamins you are currently taking could actually cause a reduction in a tooth movement when your orthodontic therapy is in progress.

No Surgery Or Anesthesia To Be Administered

You will not be having surgery or needing anesthesia once you are slated for treatment. Yes, you may experience some discomfort in your gums and soft palate. That discomfort happens because of the metal wires in your devices. Your specialist will simply recommend an ointment to lessen any such discomfort.

Planning Arrangements

While overall planning arrangements are being made for treating you, your specialist will also be gleaning information about your hormonal health that is useful before initiating your orthodontic treatment plan. Emphasis is placed on the importance of your hormonal health.

Hormonal Health During Pregnancy

The status of your hormonal health focuses on whether your gums are healthy and free of gingivitis. Pregnancy automatically presents hormonal changes. Be sure to maintain a healthy dental status during the entire course of your pregnancy to avoid any buildup of plaque that can cause you to develop gingivitis of your gums, which is an inflammatory condition.

You can also develop periodontal disease if you’re wearing a brace and have gingivitis disease because plaque collects on braces. There is a definite connection between gingivitis and gingival hyperplasia, and both are associated with hormonal changes.

Another plus for wearing brace devices while you are pregnant is that they will improve your diet. That’s so because you can now chew your food properly and eat a wide array of healthy diets.

Braces Help You To Maintain A Healthy Diet

Your orthodontic braces make it easier for you to eat and digest vegetables, protein and fruits. You’ll now be consuming daily portions of these food items that you couldn’t chew properly in the past.


The device will help you to eat properly, and you will be transferring nutrients to your fetus that are the building blocks of life. You’ll be able to produce more breast milk too due to your consuming a well-balanced amount of high-protein foods that’s combined with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Invisalign Aligners

You might have to wear invisalign aligners while you are pregnant. Most pregnant women do have minor dental malocclusion issues, because their teeth do not mesh normally. If you have that condition, you will have to wear these aligners.

Don’t worry about wearing these devices though. They are made of soft plastic material that won’t cause you any discomfort. You’ll find that this type of aligner is easy to be maintained daily. How about weight gain during pregnancy that can change the size of your mouth?

Weight Gain Affects Comfort Of Your Orthodontic Device

You may gain excess weight during pregnancy, which results in changing the size of your mouth. A hygienist at your dental specialist’s office will be asked to create a new mold impression from your mouth and teeth.

Adjustments will also have to be made to the size of your Invisalign aligner devices to make sure that they are working correctly too. Be prepared to make frequent visits to your orthodontic facility to ensure that wires on your dental devices are correctly adjusted to reflect changes in your body weight.

Always Remember That Hormone Levels Do Cause Changes

Pregnancy does cause changes in your hormone levels that bring about loose teeth, saliva increases and yes bad breath. So visit your orthodontic specialist’s office and keep going in for regular checkups throughout your pregnancy. If you’re fearful of undergoing dental image testing, technology offers dental facilities protective devices for your convenience. Those devices cover your abdominal area and keep you safe from radiation exposure.

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