Can I Consider Braces When I’m Pregnant? [READ ON]

Can I Wear Braces If I’m Pregnant? A new and enhanced look will, of course, build your confidence and make you feel proud of your appearance while you are pregnant. There’s nothing that will make you feel more confident than having an engaging smile that draws people’s attention as you exchange greetings and have conversations with others. Sometimes you do need a bit of tooth straightening or other dental work to correct any other issues with your teeth. There’s no medical reason why you should put off your orthodontic brace treatment until after you’ve given birth to your baby.

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What Your Child Should Expect (Before and After Braces)

When children or teenagers are told that they need braces, it can be exhilarating, yet scary. Before your first appointment, you may have no idea what to expect but you should be excited to have straight and beautiful teeth in our not so distant future. It can take time for the final results with a lot of ups and downs, but you will be thankful for down the long road because you will have newfound confidence with your straightened teeth. Here are a few things to expect before you make an appointment with your doctor. What your child should expect before and after braces. 

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jaw pain

What​ ​Causes​ ​Abnormal​ ​Jaw​ ​Pain ​(EPIC WAYS TO TREAT IT)

What Causes Abnormal Jaw Pains and How to Treat It. Hundreds of people around the world suffer from abnormal jaw pains every day. This type of pain can be created by a number of reasons, however, it’s important to know what to do when you have this condition. Unfortunately, much jaw pain doesn’t only occur at the jaw but also affects other areas of the face as well.

If you find yourself experiencing abnormal jaw pain, you should consult an orthodontist for a better evaluation. They are experienced in these conditions and can prescribe a treatment plan. However, if you cannot make it to the orthodontist’s office, this guide can help serve to identify the main causes of abnormal jaw pains and how you can treat it yourself.

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girl wearing braces

Besides Straight Teeth, What are the Benefits of Braces?


What are the benefits of Braces?

Everyone wants a naturally aligned and beautiful smile, and it is no secret that orthodontic braces from Childers Orthodontics can help deliver one. However, there are greater benefits to wearing braces than just having straight teeth. You’ll gain many oral health benefits in addition to the cosmetic ones. Read more

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Rubber Band Horoscopes: What your color says about you

Rubber Band Colors

One exciting part about wearing braces from Childers Orthodontics is getting to choose the colors of your rubber bands. Orthodontists place elastic bands, or ligatures, over each bracket to secure the archwire in place. These rubber bands may be individual or connected, depending on your mouth’s needs. From Dr. Childers, you have the option of choosing the color of your elastics, which are changed about once every month at every visit. Our offices keep a color wheel handy to help you choose which ones suit you best!

Children and teens often enjoy picking different colors each month to express their creativity and coordinate their braces with outfits. Decorating your mouth with your favorite colors is fun for kids and takes some of the stress out of wearing braces. Adults who wish for subtlety have color options that blend in with the metal brackets and archwire. Common choices for adults include silver, clear, and gray tones.

Common Color Combinations for Rubber Bands

With individual ligatures for each bracket, you may choose different color combinations for special events. You can have alternating colors or place an entire rainbow over your teeth. Here are a few options to consider:

  • School spirit colors
  • Favorite sports team colors
  • Patriotic colors
  • Holiday themes

Some patients choose only one color to match their mood, personality, or favorite outfits. The palette of choices allows you to make bold statements with your braces or go for subtler tones that blend in with the metal structures. Keep in mind that bright colors make your teeth look whiter, while lighter shades, such as yellow and white, may cause your teeth to appear less bright.

What Your Rubber Band Color Says About You

  • Red tones indicate that you are ready for action and take charge of your life with aggressive, forward-thinking steps.
  • Blue tones are calm and relaxing. You are conservative and exhibit integrity when dealing with situations.
  • Green tones represent growth and balance. You are level-headed and look for opportunities to grow emotionally and spiritually.
  • Purple tones attract creative energies. You like to have fun and use your imagination in every aspect of your life.
  • Orange tones indicate that you are optimistic and thrive in social situations where communication is open.
  • Pink is a romantic color that represents a caring personality. You also enjoy having fun with silly games and endless laughter.

Choose your rubber band color when you visit us for your next appointment at our Benton, Harrisburg or Herrin, IL office.


Rubber Band Horoscopes: What your color says about you

smiling patient looking at the dentist

Why should I visit the dentist during my treatment?

Image of smiling patient looking at the dentist

So, you just got your braces on, and you’re wondering why you should continue visiting your general dentist since you’re seeing Dr. Kyle Childers every other month. Patients always ask us if they should continue to see their dentist while in orthodontic treatment. The answer is yes.

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2 orthodontist checking teeth

Famous People with Braces

While famous people may look flawless on the covers of magazines, most have put a lot of work into their appearance and have even gone through their own awkward stages. It isn’t just time in the gym that counts, either.

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I Want a Perfect Smile When My Braces Come Off!

Having a beautiful smile can be difficult to achieve without the help of orthodontic work. Orthodontists work to enhance and straighten your smile, making you feel more confident about the way that you look. For some people, it is an absolute necessity that they go for orthodontic treatment because their current tooth alignment is causing problems with eating, speaking, and drinking. However, after removing braces, many people are unsure of how to retain their gorgeous smiles for life so that they do not have to go back for additional orthodontic work and procedures. Knowing how to maintain a beautiful smile after orthodontic treatment is essential to your self-esteem and confidence. Read more…

Orthodontic Fact #6 The first braces were of a piece of flat metal in 1720. This was connected to the patient’s teeth by using several pieces of thread.


Orthodontic Fact #6 The first braces were of a piece of flat metal in 1720. This was connected to the patient’s teeth by using several pieces of thread.

Learn More About Modern Orthodontic Treatment

People have been trying to straighten their teeth since the early 1700s. The first braces were flat strips of metal that someone connected to a patient’s teeth with thick thread. Unfortunately, this treatment wasn’t very effective, but today, you can visit an orthodontist for an evaluation to learn more about modern Invisalign aligners or braces. First, you will require an evaluation of computer software to determine what type of malocclusions you have to determine if you have mild, moderate or serious problems. If you are a teenager or adult, then you are often able to wear aligners.

Choose Devices That Are Difficult to See

Aligners are made of durable plastic, but you will switch to a new set every two weeks to shift your teeth slowly into the correct positions. Each set of aligners is made in a slightly different way, and your treatment time with Invisalign aligners typically requires six months to one year. If an adult or teenager has severe malocclusions, then he will need to wear braces, but there are new devices that are worn on the backs of your teeth. Alternatively, you can request color-matching brackets and invisible wires, helping to reduce your embarrassment while undergoing long-term orthodontic treatment.

Schedule an Appointment With Childers Orthodontics

At Childers Orthodontics in Illinois, our orthodontist doesn’t use a strip of metal tied on with thread to straighten your teeth. Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers an assortment of modern orthodontia and procedures that include:

  • Damon System devices
  • Metallic wires and brackets
  • SureSmile archwires
  • Scanning with the iTero computer software
  • Propel perforations to stimulate bone production
  • Retainers to keep teeth in place
  • AcceleDent Aura devices to reduce your treatment time
  • Invisalign aligners made from clear plastic

Contact Childers Orthodontics at one of these telephone numbers:

  • Herrin – 618-997-1800
  • Harrisburg – 618-252-0770
  • Benton – 618-438-2815

Call us to schedule your first orthodontic evaluation.

Orthodontic Fact #6 The first braces were of a piece of flat metal in 1720. This was connected to the patient’s teeth by using several pieces of thread.

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I Don’t Have Any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit and Orthodontist?

orthodontist visitI Don’t Have Any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit and Orthodontist?

Orthodontic treatment for past generations used to be reserved for the those with significant dental problems or families in higher socio-economic brackets. However, access to quality orthodontic treatment has greatly expanded since the mid-twentieth century. Now, more children are being fitted with braces than ever before. Not only kids but adults of all ages are seeking orthodontist consultations to improve the way the function and appearance of their teeth. The need for orthodontic treatment does not always become evident visually, especially at a young age. Sometimes, dental problems can emerge or become visible in adulthood. Situations can occur, such as a sports injury or tooth development issue, that may raise the need for orthodontia.

Here are three reasons to consider an orthodontic consultation, even if you do not have immediate concerns about the condition of your teeth.


It used to be that being fitted with metal brackets and wires for dental adjustments was painful, time-consuming, and unattractive. That has all changed in recent years. Although a certain amount of discomfort can be expected during initial stages of treatment, most patients adjust very well as they get used to wearing the metals, and later, the rubber bands, that will gently but firmly move their teeth into the desired order. People don’t need to expect months of excruciating pain. Millions of people who wear braces comfortably can attest to the fact that the treatment proceeds smoothly after placement of the hardware. The time required for treatment may involve a period of months for many wearers. People at any age often find their teeth are moved to where they should be at an amazingly rapid pace. Aftercare may include wearing retainers for a period of time, but again, most patients adapt very readily to retainers and often hardly remember they are in place due to the comfortable fit now available. The feeling of being unsightly during treatment is also unnecessary and largely imaginary. With the advent of orthodontic devices like Invisalign, observers often are unaware of the treatment in place because the braces are almost invisible. Some types can be removed at certain times, such as meal time or special occasions. Appearance is not greatly impacted during treatment. Afterward, the patient’s confidence will soar with the beautiful new smile resulting from treatment.


The cost of dental orthodontia has become more affordable for many families. Some health insurance programs pay for part of the treatment. Orthodontia health care loans are widely available for those who want to make monthly payments over a period of time. Other payment options include personal savings and credit cards. Almost no one has to go without treatment due to cost. Over the long term, treatment pays for itself in helping patients to obtain a healthy dental structure with problems addressed, which may reduce dental and orthodontic treatment bills in the future.


Most patients will agree enthusiastically that the benefits of orthodontia work are priceless. Newfound confidence in personal appearance and in gaining a lovely smile cannot be overestimated. We have all seen people who try to hide their mouth when smiling, and orthodontia can solve that problem for patients of all ages. Another benefit is more effective nutrition. Healthy eating requires balanced meals that include vegetables and nuts, which can be hard to chew if teeth are missing, tipped, or twisted. Orderly dental structures, both upper and lower, help to ensure healthy chewing and eating, which can help to ensure more effective digestion. Successful orthodontic treatment also keeps teeth in healthier positions, which can prevent bacterial buildup that leads to plaque as well as cavities and gum disease. Avoiding these problems may help to keep teeth healthy as we get older, reducing the need for extractions, fillings, and replacement through bridges, crowns, or implants. Finally, healthy teeth without gaps or bite distortions can facilitate communication and verbal articulation for some people. Orthodontic examinations may reveal teeth below the gum surface that have not yet erupted, or malformations in the bite or jaw that should be corrected, preventing worse problems later.

For a thorough analysis of your teeth that can be seen as well as the unseen structures and issues that may play a role in your dental health, consult an orthodontist for a thorough examination. Hopefully, your teeth will be as healthy as they seem at this time, and no treatment will be needed. But if a problem is found, it can be treated early to minimize complications so that your teeth can look their best and continue to effectively meet your eating and speaking needs.

Contact Childers Orthodontic

At Childers Orthodontics, we have multiple offices where you can have an examination from our orthodontist. Dr. Kyle R. Childers accepts appointments at these facilities in Illinois:

• Benton – 618-438-2815
• Harrisburg – 618-252-0770
• Herrin – 618-997-1800

Our patients are able to have customized orthodontic treatments with devices that include:

• Invisalign – clear aligners that you can remove from your mouth
• Braces – traditional metal, color-matching ceramic or Damon System
• Retainers – used after regular orthodontic treatment ends

To straighten your teeth faster, we can also perform a Propel procedure to stimulate your alveolar bones.

Call us to schedule your first orthodontic evaluation.

I Don’t Have Any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit and Orthodontist?

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