We all know the pain and angst-ridden lifestyles of our beloved little ones. The teen years arrive like a runaway train. Physical looks are always on the minds of our teens as they are bound by peer pressure and the rules of attraction. When Invisalign announced they had made clear aligners suitable for teens, phones buzzed. Yes, your teen can get their smile perfected without the ugly traditional metal braces of old. In this post, we’ll take you through 7 facts about Invisalign Teen. Let’s get going!

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Invisalign Express | HOW MUCH – HOW LONG (3 EPIC FACTS)

Invisalign Express is an orthodontic treatment that involves straightening of teeth with aligners. Traditional braces made of metal are now considered old fashioned and awkward. Some need specific treatment like Invisalign Express. In this post, we’ll show you how much treatment costs for only upper teeth. Let’s get investigating.

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Underbite Correction Without Surgery (Epic New Guide)

Incorrect bites are common problems that cause people embarrassment because it alters their appearance. Underbites occur when your top and bottom teeth do not align properly and the bottom tends to overlap the top ones. While an underbite is often visible from the front of your face, your profile tends to be the most affected. You may also notice issues such as difficulty chewing or speaking if your underbite is especially pronounced. In this post, we’ll take you through underbite correction without surgery. Let’s get going.

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After Invisalign Treatment Is Completed | 7 FULL ON ANSWERS

After Invisalign Treatment Is Completed? Completing your Invisalign treatment is an occasion to smile about. For the next several weeks, you will be busy flashing your newly straightened teeth at everyone you meet while you relish in your newfound confidence. While it is important to take pride in this special occasion, it is also essential to remain vigilant with your orthodontic treatment to preserve those perfect results. In this post, we’ll show you what happens after Invisalign treatment is completed? Let’s get started.

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Invisalign Self-Confidence | ACHIEVE THIS IN 2020 | FUN FACTS

Invisalign self-confidence. How can Invisalign help straighten teeth and boost confidence? When the Invisalign system of aligners first became available, you could almost hear the collective sigh of relief from teens and adults everywhere. Finally, there was an alternative to traditional metal braces that was unobtrusive, effective and flexible! In this post, we’ll show you how to achieve Invisalign self-confidence today. Let’s get cracking.

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(7 REASONS) Braces for Adults are Worth the Trouble

When you think of braces, you probably picture a kid or teen wearing metal appliances and going to school. It’s often thought that after you’re out of your teens, the thought of getting braces is absurd and shouldn’t be considered.

Thankfully, there is a growing trend of individuals who are choosing to get braces well into their adult years. If you’ve ever wondered, “Is it still worth it to have braces as an adult?”, you’ll want to consider all of the benefits that will come from working with an orthodontist and having this work done. Braces for adults are here to stay.

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How Does Invisalign Work?


If you have been thinking about getting either Invisalign or traditional braces to improve the function and appearance of your teeth, you’re not alone as these two options are the most common orthodontic treatments for misaligned teeth. According to a report published by USA Today, over 5 million people have used Invisalign clear aligners to improve their smiles since the orthodontic devices were created in 1997. In this article, we take a look at the benefit of Invisalign braces over traditional braces and why they are so popular. How does Invisalign work? Let’s find out.

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What Are Retainers?

When the time comes for your kids to shed off their braces, it’s exciting to see their new set of better-aligned teeth. However, it’s also time to think about the next step to complete the process: retainers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing retainers? Are retainers really expensive? What should you expect after the retainers are fitted? All these are natural questions that most parents have. This article will detail everything you need to know about retainers. Read more

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What Is the Difference between Traditional Expanders and Clear Aligners?

In the past few decades, orthodontists have made a lot of progress in their field. New technology like clear aligners provides alternatives for those who do not want typical braces. If you are trying to decide which is better traditional expander or clear aligner, you need to know the difference between the two options. Both traditional expanders and clear aligners can help to create a straighter smile and a more functional bite, but they are not the same type of orthodontic equipment. Here are answers to all the questions you probably have about the difference between aligners and traditional braces. Read more

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Are Traditional Braces Cheaper than Invisalign?



Are Traditional Braces Cheaper than Invisalign?

Making a decision on whether to use braces, which are the more traditional treatment option or Invisalign, which are the modern equivalent, depends on several factors. Foremost is the effectiveness of your preference, and second is how much it will cost you. Regardless of the price, your choice should get the job done. Ultimately, your intention is to fix the problem once and for all.


What do I need to know about braces?

Both remedies are meant not only to straighten teeth but also to improve your smile and enhance your overall dental health. The modern option was first put to use in 2000, and therefore does not have as much history in comparison to the older version.

The traditional remedy features metal brackets meant to be glued to your teeth and fastened together using tiny wires and rubber bands. Nowadays, you can achieve discretion by getting brackets that match the color of your enamel. You can also vary the colors to match your fashion preference.

In contrast, the modern option is invisible in design and made from plastic that is BPA-free, smooth, and comfortable. This treatment aligns your teeth by subtly and gently moving them into position. By using X-rays, impressions, and pictures, your orthodontist will configure aligner trays by creating precise 3-D images of your teeth.


What are the pros and cons of Braces?

Apart from being irremovable, traditional braces are usually of a silver colored metal. However, you can always pay extra for optional colors. It takes about two years of continual use to get results with this traditional option. Maintenance requires regular brushing of the brackets and wires, even though a water pick might be helpful. You will probably need ongoing positioner or retainer following treatment, mostly at night, and monthly follow-up visits. This type of treatment has the following pros and cons:


  • It is comparatively more effective when it comes to correcting some complex issues
  • Requires less self-discipline for desirable results since omission is not a possibility
  • Besides standard brushing and flossing, this option does not require additional cleaning


  • You might experience some discomfort, pain, or sores, often due to movement of the brackets or teeth
  • This option might result in some tooth discoloration or breakage
  • You might find it difficult to eat sticky, hard foods

As a form of correctional treatment, this particular option is not ideal for patients who actively participate in rough contact sports on a regular basis.

What are the pros and cons of Invisalign?

Apart from being removable, this advanced mode of treatment is mostly made of clear vinyl. While it generally takes about 6-18 months of treatment at least 22-24 hours a day to get the desired results with this option. Proper maintenance and cleaning involves brushing and rinsing the entire system in clean lukewarm water. Patients also need to change the aligner trays every two weeks. You will probably need ongoing positioner or retainer following treatment, mostly at night, and follow-up visits every 4-6 weeks. This option has the following pros and cons:


  • It is clear and invisible, which is beneficial since it ensures your smile won’t be affected in a negative manner.
  • It is removable and therefore more convenient than its traditional equivalent
  • Patients do not experience problems with food getting caught
  • Patients do not experience any difficulties when it comes to eating
  • It lacks the discomfort associated with wires


  • Patients could experience some discomfort from tooth movement
  • You will have to remove it before you can eat or drink anything other than water
  • Patients have to brush after every meal to avoid staining

The choice between which of the two is most effective to straighten teeth is not easy. Nonetheless, if you or your child is the kind that is extremely self-conscious, the modern invisible remedy is certainly a more appealing option. A plus for it is that it is removable, so you can still be able to brush, eat, drink or floss naturally. But if you consider always having to remove it before you eat or drink as inconveniencing or uncomfortable, then this may not be the best option for you. Additionally, it is worth noting that it should only be put back once you have brushed your teeth after every meal.

It is not easy to distinguish which of the two options is more effective, especially because Invisalign is still relatively new and not much is known about its performance. Nonetheless, in contrast to the older version, the effectiveness of using the removable option entirely depends on the user’s commitment to ensuring they are worn continually.

More distinctively, the modern version is certainly not an option when you need to fix your back teeth, rotate teeth, or move them vertically. It is hence important that you first consult an experienced orthodontist before making a decision.

Other than your smile, you should not take your overall oral health lightly. If you need to decide which among the two treatment options is best suited for you or your child, you should consult an experienced orthodontist. You can always request a free consultation to learn some more about dentistry and whether it might be the solution for you or your child. As professionals, we strive to provide high-quality services aimed at ensuring every patient gets the desired results.

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