Dr. Childers wants to know: What do you love about our office?

From your very first visit to the office of Dr. Kyle Childers, our team strives to provide superior treatment in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. With convenient orthodontic offices in Benton, Harrisburg and Herrin, Illinois, Dr. Childers and our talented staff work hard to build healthy and beautiful smiles for our patients. Every patient is unique and we work with you to build a one-of-a-kind treatment plan that is guaranteed to make you smile!

This afternoon, we thought we’d ask you, our wonderful patients: Have you been especially impressed by Dr. Childers? Did our team go out of their way to make your day? Are you in love with your smile?

Whether you’ve just come in for a consultation or your family has been visiting our office for years, we’d love to hear your feedback. Or, you can tell us by posting on our Facebook page or by giving us a call!

Ask Dr. Childers: Who benefits from braces?

Dr. Childers will tell you that braces aren’t just for pre-adolescents and teenagers anymore! Anyone, at any age, can benefit from orthodontic treatment at Childers Orthodontics, whether it’s correcting a problem not treated in your younger years, or catching a problem early.

To ensure the best overall treatment, the American Association of Orthodontists, or AAO, recommends that children receive an orthodontic consultation as early as age seven. If a problem is evident, our staff knows that taking action early can spare a lot of treatment and expense down the road.

If you never received orthodontic treatment when you were young, don’t worry! You’re never too old for a beautiful smile. To us, every patient is unique and we work with you to build a one-of-a-kind treatment plan that is guaranteed to make you smile! Set up an appointment for a consultation and find out how orthodontics will transform your smile, as well as your life!

“Hey, Dr. Childers! What can you tell me about Invisalign® treatment?”

Part of what makes Invisalign “work” is that it’s customizable for pretty much anyone’s pearly whites. To find out if you are the right candidate for Invisalign treatment, the first thing Dr. Childers does is take an impression of your teeth as they are now and digitize it. Using special software, Dr. Childers and our team look at the current positioning of your teeth and compare it to the way your teeth should look.

Next we use special software to map out the exact path your teeth will take from the beginning of your treatment to the end. Based on the results, a set of custom aligners are created just for your teeth. Throughout the course of treatment with Dr. Childers, you will be required to wear these clear, removable aligners one at a time; each one moving your teeth closer and closer to their final, perfectly aligned position. And since the aligners are virtually invisible, nobody around you will even know you are wearing braces!

Dr. Childers is a certified Invisalign provider, and has been named an Invisalign Elite Premier Provider, representing the top 1% of North American practitioners.

If you have questions about Invisalign, or would like to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment at Childers and Team Orthodontics, please give us a call!

SureSmile featured on CNN last week! From Dr. Childers

Does the thought of having traditional braces for 24 months or more get you down? Our team at Childers Orthodontics understand that one of the biggest concerns for orthodontic patients with braces is the length of their treatment.

But you’re in luck, because Dr. Kyle Childers specializes in SureSmile, high-tech robotic braces that have been revolutionizing the orthodontic industry. SureSmile, which combines digital 3-D imaging, has computer-aided treatment planning and customized archwires to straighten teeth about 40 percent faster than traditional braces. With conventional braces, Dr. Childers typically makes many adjustments to wires, and sometimes the teeth don’t move as planned, so more adjustments are needed. With SureSmile, the robotic wires are sent to Dr. Childers ready to go. SureSmile means fewer wires are involved, and that usually results in fewer visits.

Last week, CNN’s own Dr. Sanjay Gupta filed a report on SureSmile and profiled a Maryland teenager named Jessica Thompson, who wasn’t particularly thrilled about traditional braces. Jessica chose SureSmile as her treatment, and she is not alone – more and more people in Benton, Harrisburg and Herrin are choosing SureSmile as their treatment option.

To learn more about SureSmile treatment at Childers Orthodontics, we invite you to give us a call!

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