UPDATE: 13 May 2020


As we prepare to start seeing patients again, please view our informational video.
We will be calling patients soon to reschedule.
Thank you for your patience!

When will you be open?

The office is closed until March 30th for now. As we get more information, we will announce our date to reopen. We are following the recommendations of the Illinois State Dental Society and the state government.

What if I have an appointment next week?

We will call you to reschedule your appointment when we have more information about our schedule. You do not need to call us, unless you have a specific question or emergency.

What if I am in Invisalign and need new trays?

For most patients, stay in the current tray you are wearing for the additional couple weeks. Dr. Childers is looking at each Invisalign patient with an upcoming appointment and seeing if we can mail trays to you.

What if I have an emergency?

Call the office emergency number (618) 525-1311 and we will see if we can handle it over the phone. If it is a true emergency, we will meet you at the office at a designated time.

What if I lose my retainer?

Until we reopen, we are not able to see patients to make a new retainer. If you have your model, contact us and we can possibly make a new one and mail it to you. Please contact us to see which type of retainer you are in or if you can go back to a previous Invisalign tray.

What if I have a wire poking?

Place a small amount of orthodontic wax over the part of the wire that is protruding. If the wire has become bent at the end, you can try using tweezers or a pencil eraser to adjust it.

How can I get in touch with you?

For now, the best way to contact us is to email office@childersbraces.com and we can answer immediately. Please do not leave messages on our Facebook page, as we may miss them. You can also go to our live chat on www.childersbraces.com. Or, you can call the office emergency phone at 618-525-1311 and leave a message.

We appreciate your patience and are trying our best to stay in close contact with our patients and their families. We will update you frequently here as we know more about the upcoming days. In the meantime, enjoy time with your family and stay safe!


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