Damon Clear BracesMany patients are interested in minimizing the appearance of braces. As a great alternative to conventional, metal braces, Damon Clear is becoming increasingly popular with both children and adults. These braces utilize “tieless” brackets that align teeth just as well as traditional, elastic-based braces.


Unlike some other brands, these clear braces resist bracket stains for a cleaner, more transparent appearance. People are less likely to even notice that you’re wearing braces. With the traditional, metal-and-elastic braces, food particles tend to accumulate around the brackets and discolor the teeth over time, causing obvious yellow staining when the braces finally come off. Fortunately, it is easy to see and remove any debris from clear braces to prevent plaque buildup.


Damon braces quickly and efficiently move your teeth into proper alignment. In many cases, patients see faster results using this system instead of traditional braces. A 2001 clinical study concluded that most patients reduce their treatment times by up to six months! Faster results equal fewer office visits and reduced dental bills.

Damon Braces – Fast, Comfortable Treatment & Extraordinary Results


In today’s image-conscious world, many teens prefer to downplay their orthodontic treatment. Clear braces rarely draw unwanted attention in social media pictures, for example. Adults also enjoy the professional look of transparent braces.


Unlike traditional braces, Damon Clear has a unique SpinTek™ system that allows your orthodontist, Dr. Childers, to quickly and easily change wires. The brackets are rounded and smooth for extra comfort with strong, secure bonds to the tooth enamel. These braces are also more comfortable because they do not require elastic ligatures that cause friction and pain.

Some people find that it can be difficult to talk while wearing Invisalign. With the Damon braces, there is nothing obstructing the patient’s tongue, so normal speech is preserved.


Although Invisalign has similar aesthetics to Damon Braces, it is more suitable for patients who only need minor corrections. Damon Clear, on the other hand, can fix more complex orthodontic issues. With these braces firmly secured to the teeth, children won’t have to worry about misplacing orthodontic gear like Invisalign retainers.

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