[Damon System] versus Traditional Braces

damon systemDamon System Versus Traditional Braces

Because orthodontic technology has been expanding over the years, it’s normal for you to have a variety of choices for your treatment. Two choices that you may want to decide between are traditional brackets and Damon brackets. The Damon System is one of the newest forms of corrective devices, and there are several advantages to it. The following is some information about the Damon system in relation to the traditional system. You can use it to make an honest decision when you are ready to start your treatment.

About the Damon System

The Damon bracket system of teeth correction was created by a dentist named Dwight Damon. His goal was to create a system that focused on patient comfort. Having the client’s comfort in mind, Damon came up with a technology that is known as the sliding-door technology. Today, thousands of specialists have taken training and offer their patients treated with the Damon system. They are an excellent alternative to traditional brackets for clients who are concerned about their comfort but don’t want to go the Invisalign route. Many other benefits exist to this system, as well.

What Makes the Damon System Unique?

The Damon system differs from traditional braces in several ways. One of the main ways that it differs from the Damon system is that it uses self-ligating brackets. The brackets on the Damon system do not need the o-rings on them. They have a little gate that holds the wire and allows it to move or slide. The technology allows the brackets to tighten themselves. The result is that patients have fewer visits to the orthodontist for tightening.

Another benefit of this system is the treatment time. Treatment time can be significantly shorter with this system than with traditional brackets. Some specialists and patients have reported seeing a six-month decrease in the treatment time.

Are You Qualified for the Damon System?

If you qualify for traditional brackets, you will most likely qualify for the Damon brackets. To be sure, you must schedule an appointment with an orthodontic specialist who will perform an examination to see how your teeth are aligned. Treatment methods depend on the condition of your teeth and the complexity of the procedure. Some patients have to have some of their teeth pulled. Some patients have situations that can only be resolved with the sturdiest form of treatment. You’ll have to go in for a full examination to find out where you fall into the teeth repair process. The orthodontist will let you know if you need traditional brackets, Invisalign, the Damon system or something else.

The Process of Getting Damon Brackets

The process of getting any type of brackets starts with the consultation. You will have X-rays and a full examination to see what the issue is. You will then talk to the orthodontist to see if the Damon system is, indeed, the right system for you. If it is the right system for you, you will have to get fitted for the braces, which may take two appointments. You have to have some spacers put in between your teeth. Next, the specialist will put brackets and wires on your teeth. If you need to have some teeth pulled out make room for movement, then you will take care of that before the other parts of the treatment commenced. Teeth pulling necessity is common in people who have severe crowding issues. You’ll find out if you need teeth pulled during your consultation or your examination.

Cost of Damon Brackets

The cost of Damon brackets varies depending on the depths of your issue and the payment method that you choose. If you use insurance, then you will only have to pay a portion of the costs. Discount plans will offer you a certain percentage off of the treatment. In relation to traditional brackets, the Damon brackets are about the same. You can receive a discount on he braces if you can pay the entire bill in full. If you cannot pay the entire bill in full, you can apply for inexpensive in-house financing that you can pay in easy-to-handle payments during the course of your treatment.

You can go the route of a third-party provider, as well. It’s up to you the way you would like to handle paying for your treatment, but just know that you have plenty of amazing options. You’ll get the task done one way or the other.

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At Childers Orthodontics in Benton, Ill., Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers expert care for children, teenagers, and adults. Our orthodontist provides these treatments to repair misaligned teeth:

• Damon System – passive self-ligating devices
• Braces – traditional wires and brackets or color-matching ceramic brackets
• Aligners – designed by Invisalign
• Retainers – designed for keeping teeth in correct positions
• SureSmile – customized archwires
• Propel – alveolar perforations for faster bone formation

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