How to Deal with Orthodontic Emergencies (BEST TIPS)

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orthodontic emergencies

How to Deal with Orthodontic Emergencies

No matter which orthodontic appliance you or your child is using, there are many components to the appliance that can malfunction in some way during your treatment. While issues created by these parts are rare, you should know more about how to deal with certain orthodontic emergencies if ever they occur to you. If ever you do experience one of these emergencies, do what you can to mitigate the problem and then take a visit to your orthodontist to make sure that your braces or Invisalign solution is operating as intended.


Identify the Problem

The first thing you need to do when any problem occurs with the orthodontic solution you use is to take a thorough look at the situation and try to identify the exact problem. General soreness is to be expected from time to time when you or your child is wearing braces, so you’ll need to figure out if the issue is something that will quickly pass or if it can actually be classified as an emergency.

It can qualify as such in the event that there’s a substantial amount of bleeding with the problem and if a component was swallowed. Once you’ve figured out whether or not it’s an emergency, you can begin to find a solution to the issue.


Oral-Cavity Issues

One of the most pressing orthodontic emergencies is when you suffer from an oral cavity issue. The oral cavity is the very front portion of the mouth and is more prone to orthodontic emergencies than any other section of the mouth. When wearing braces, everything from car accidents to standard sports injuries can lead to the development of issues in your oral cavity.

If this ever occurs, you will need to visit your orthodontist. They can adjust the brackets back into their rightful position and can provide you with guidelines on how to facilitate healing of the soft tissues in the area. During your treatment period, it’s recommended that you ask for a mouth guard whenever playing sports, as wearing one can help you avoid injuries in this area. The trays provided with a mouth guard cover the entirety of your teeth.




Wire Problems

It’s also common for wire problems to develop throughout the course of your treatment. These won’t exactly be emergencies in most cases but can be troublesome if left untended. You should know that these problems aren’t present with Invisalign, as that specific solution utilizes plastic aligners that are fitted over your teeth without any wires.

In general, wires are threaded through the brackets and tightened gradually to ensure that your teeth move into their proper position. However, these wires can sometimes break, leading to loose wires that can stick out from your teeth. Loose wires have the potential of causing bleeding if they hit the gum and other portions of the mouth. Until you can go and get the wire replaced, you’ll want to bend it back with a pair of tweezers. By using relief wax, the wire can be held in place against the tooth on a temporary basis.


Loose Brackets

Along with wires, the actual brackets can also become loose. This is definitely an emergency that you will want to get looked at by an orthodontist as quickly as possible. The brackets are the square portion of the orthodontic appliance that is glued directly to the front of your teeth. This adhesive is exceedingly durable. However, there are times when it won’t hold up when eating. If the bracket becomes loose, it should simply hang from the wire until fixed without causing any further damage to your mouth. It’s a frustrating problem that will cause you to be uncomfortable until it’s dealt with properly.


Misplaced Rubber Bands

One of the most common orthodontic emergencies is misplaced rubber bands. Rubber bands are used throughout the course of treatment as a means of addressing bite issues. These bite issues include

  1. Crossbite
  2. Underbite
  3. Overbite
  4. Open Bite

These rubber bands are typically meant to be replaced on a regular basis as you eat and brush your teeth. However, it’s possible to swallow them unknowingly from time to time. These bands are entirely non-toxic, so it’s not that big of an issue, but you’ll still want to inform the orthodontic practice you’re using. If ever you do misplace a rubber band, you should have extras on hand that are provided to you when these bands are first placed on your teeth.



Mouth Sores

When wearing standard brackets, it’s common for mouth sores to develop. For some people, these sores are common, while others hardly experience them. These sores usually develop because the components irritate certain areas of the mouth when chewing or talking. If your child is currently wearing an orthodontic appliance, make sure to check on the inside of the lips and cheeks. These sores tend to go away on their own in a couple of days, but you’ll want to keep a gel anesthetic nearby to deal with these sores when they pop up. Don’t hesitate to mention these sores during your next check-up, as the brackets might need to be altered slightly.


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How to Deal with Orthodontic Emergencies (BEST TIPS)

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