Do Orthodontic Braces Hurt?

Negative thoughts can stop people from getting the braces they need. Believe it or not, orthodontists are used to hearing questions and statements like, “I am afraid of having braces. Do Braces hurt? Will I feel the pain in my teeth by having braces?” The following is going to help you understand what you might experience with this process.


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Overcome Braces Anxiety with This Simple Guide

Not Knowing Is an Issue 

Wondering how does it feel to have braces or is it painful could be on your mind simply because you do not know much about braces. Sometimes people who ask, “I am afraid of having braces. Do they hurt? Will they be uncomfortable? How does it feel to have braces Is it painful?” are usually thinking of those old school braces kids wore on old TV shows or movies.

Older braces look uncomfortable, and they look bulky enough to cause some pain so it is okay to be worried or ask yourself, “Will I feel the pain in my teeth by having braces?” Some people are scared for other reasons like how they will look, how they will eat, or if it is going to hurt to talk. What you need to do is learn everything there is to know about these orthodontic devices.


Things You Might Not Know about Braces

Many of the ideas about braces that may be scaring you are no longer true with modern braces. The following are some ways modern braces are better:

The Look

Braces look slimmer than they used to. For the most part, people think of large metal brackets when they think about braces, but modern braces are thin.

Some braces are made from ceramic material, making them easier to match your teeth’s natural color. Those who do not want to see the braces at all can choose to place the braces on the back of your teeth. These new lingual braces really go long ways in preventing other people from finding out you are wearing them.

Much Faster

Okay, you know that you are going to be wearing these braces for a while, but modern braces work faster than older ones. This happens because orthodontists have been doing their best to create orthodontic devices that work as great as they look.

Part of what makes modern braces different is the wiring used to apply pressure. Older braces used stainless steel archwires to apply the pressure needed to correct teeth, but these wires would wear out often. You were required to visit the orthodontist often, but all that lost time worked against efficiency.

Modern braces use copper, nickel, and titanium to create better archwires that use the body’s natural heat to readjust themselves without seeing the oral specialist.

More Comfort

The improved archwires that modern braces use apply moderate pressure to your teeth, which means you shouldn’t feel as much pain as you might have before. Some people actually say they do not feel anything but a little pressure rather than pain.

You have to admit that feeling a little discomfort is much better than feeling pain. It should also be noted that it is not uncomfortable to talk with these braces now since the wires and brackets are much thinner.

More Options

An orthodontist can offer you a lot of options when it comes to braces. You probably remember the lingual braces mentioned earlier that are placed behind your teeth but there are others. One of the most popular alternatives to braces is invisible aligners. This device is clear, making it hard to see and is removable. It can replace braces if the issue is not too severe.

Overcoming Your Fear of Braces

Dismantling your preconceptions about braces is a big step towards overcoming your fear of braces but it does not end there. The following additional tips may help as well:

Recognize the Benefits

One thing you can do to overcome your fear of braces or the pain you may feel due to the pressure is to think about the benefits. Sure, the most obvious benefit is that you’ll gain a straight smile but there are others. For one, you might gain confidence because people’s confidence can be boosted when they have a beautiful smile.

It should also be noted that misaligned teeth increase the risk of cavities or even mouth injuries. Both of these are significantly decreased by simply undergoing this orthodontic treatment. Knowing that your oral health is going to be improved can be a motivator.

It Is Short-Term

Another thing that may help you feel a little better is knowing that you will only be uncomfortable for a little while. Depending on the severity of your misalignment, you could end up wearing your braces for a few months or a year. Of course, you will need to talk to your oral specialist for more details on time, but knowing this is temporary could make the experience feel less stressful.

A Little Talk

Another thing that may help you overcome your fear or discomfort with the idea of wearing braces is talking to your orthodontist. People do fear these devices for a number of reasons, and your oral specialist has heard it all. He or she knows how to help you overcome some of these fears, and you need to take advantage of the professional’s experience.

The oral specialist is probably going to go over the entire procedure with you and talk about every step. You are probably going to learn everything about placement like how to stay calm while your orthodontist prepares to place the braces. This type of knowledge makes some people feel a little better about the procedure. All you have to do is be open to the information presented to you.

Some people find comfort in talking to others who are either going through the procedure or have gone through it. This is another thing your orthodontist can help you with. Just ask him or her to refer you to reviews from people who have undergone the procedure. This third party review should give you a good idea of what to expect. You can also connect with strangers online through communities focused on braces so that you can get a good idea of the kind of experiences people have with braces.



Hopefully, some of this information and these points make it easier for you to get your braces. A beautiful smile is waiting to blossom; just let it out for the world to see. If you have additional questions, contact the specialists here. They are waiting to assist you.

Do Orthodontic Braces Hurt?

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