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Does My Child Need To Have Baby Teeth Removed

If your child still has their baby teeth, you may be wondering when they should be removed to prevent major orthodontic delays. Most baby teeth start to fall out when a child is around five or six years old. It can take a few years for all baby teeth to fall out. If your child still has some or all of their baby teeth when they are nine or 10 years, they may need to be removed. Removing the baby teeth can help your child to have a fuller and straighter smile with fewer orthodontic problems.

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When is the Best Time to Remove Baby Teeth?

Understanding when is the best time to remove baby teeth can help in terms of getting your child the care that they need. In most cases, all of your child’s baby teeth will gradually fall out on their own. However, there may come a time when a baby tooth is stubborn and simply not falling out without professional assistance. Having the baby teeth removed professionally can help to reduce the need for more extensive orthodontic work and can help your child obtain a healthier, brighter and straighter smile.

The best time to consider seeking help for your child’s teeth is if they are over the age of nine or if you’re noticing their permanent teeth coming in around the baby teeth. It is best to reach out for help as soon as possible, as this can help to prevent the need for extensive orthodontic treatment and care that could cost you and your family a lot of money and cause your child to be in braces for many years. Your orthodontist will be able to tell when and if baby teeth need to be removed and the best course of action to take in caring for them.


Why are the Baby Teeth Must Be Removed

If you want to know why are the baby teeth must be removed, it is important to understand how teeth come in. After your child loses their baby teeth, the permanent teeth come through the gums around the same time. These permanent teeth are the last set your child will get, so it is important that they care for them in a way that benefits their smile. If your child has stubborn baby teeth that aren’t falling out on their own, you’ll find that the permanent teeth either cannot come in on their own or that they come in at weird and harsh angles, making it imperative that your child receive orthodontic care immediately.

This is why it is so important to have your child’s mouth examined and have x-rays taken to determine if baby teeth will need to be removed. With the help of professional dental x-rays, the experts can determine if baby teeth are beginning to pose a problem and if they should be removed. Thankfully, even if baby teeth have to be removed, it is a simple oral surgery that takes just minutes in the office. It is a simple procedure that can be a lot more beneficial than you think. It removes the stubborn baby teeth so that the permanent teeth can come down straighter and in more alignment with the rest of the smile.


What is the Effect of the Baby Teeth Not Be Removed

When you realize what is the effect of the baby teeth not be removed, you’ll know why it is so important to reach out for professional help when it is needed the most. For example, if your child has baby teeth left in place far beyond when they should have fallen out, your child’s permanent teeth may come in all crooked and misaligned. This is why it is crucial to reach out for help when it is most needed. The experts can help in determining if the tooth should be removed and what is best for the future of your child’s smile.

It is not horribly uncommon to need to have baby teeth removed. Because of this, you should never feel frightened about bringing your child for this procedure. It is done easily and quickly in the office, and it can prevent years of orthodontic treatment just because the teeth were not removed in time. This can be beneficial for both you as well as your child, and it’ll provide them with a full and bright smile that they can feel confident in showing off.

Understanding Your Options

The first step is to bring your child to the orthodontist for an exam and x-rays. A treatment plan is then created to determine if any baby teeth are in the way of the permanent teeth coming in and if so, when they should be removed. Once removed, the permanent teeth can effectively come down into the mouth in more alignment. This prevents the need for more extensive work and is beneficial for children of all ages. The professionals can even give you more insight into when your child’s teeth should be falling out and what to expect as a parent.

There are so many benefits and reasons to have this type of treatment done. It is crucial that you work with the experts to ensure that your child is receiving the care that is needed. You can feel confident that they are receiving the care that they need and that this is essential in what it can do for their future smile needs. You will love the fact that your child may not need the extensive orthodontic work that you’ve been thinking they need. This can even result in saving you a lot of money and ensuring that you feel confident in each and every one of your needs. With the help of an examination and consultation, your child can have a treatment plan created that is just right for them.


When it comes to having your child receive the care that they need, it is important for you to contact Childers Orthodontics for an exam and consultation. The experts of Childers Orthodontics can help in determining if and when baby teeth should be removed and the best course of action to take in improving your child’s smile. This can result in a brighter, straighter and healthier smile for your child’s future well-being.

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Does My Child Need To Have Baby Teeth Removed

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