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I Don’t Have Any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit and Orthodontist?

orthodontist visitI Don’t Have Any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit and Orthodontist?

Orthodontic treatment for past generations used to be reserved for the those with significant dental problems or families in higher socio-economic brackets. However, access to quality orthodontic treatment has greatly expanded since the mid-twentieth century. Now, more children are being fitted with braces than ever before. Not only kids but adults of all ages are seeking orthodontist consultations to improve the way the function and appearance of their teeth. The need for orthodontic treatment does not always become evident visually, especially at a young age. Sometimes, dental problems can emerge or become visible in adulthood. Situations can occur, such as a sports injury or tooth development issue, that may raise the need for orthodontia.

Here are three reasons to consider an orthodontic consultation, even if you do not have immediate concerns about the condition of your teeth.


It used to be that being fitted with metal brackets and wires for dental adjustments was painful, time-consuming, and unattractive. That has all changed in recent years. Although a certain amount of discomfort can be expected during initial stages of treatment, most patients adjust very well as they get used to wearing the metals, and later, the rubber bands, that will gently but firmly move their teeth into the desired order. People don’t need to expect months of excruciating pain. Millions of people who wear braces comfortably can attest to the fact that the treatment proceeds smoothly after placement of the hardware. The time required for treatment may involve a period of months for many wearers. People at any age often find their teeth are moved to where they should be at an amazingly rapid pace. Aftercare may include wearing retainers for a period of time, but again, most patients adapt very readily to retainers and often hardly remember they are in place due to the comfortable fit now available. The feeling of being unsightly during treatment is also unnecessary and largely imaginary. With the advent of orthodontic devices like Invisalign, observers often are unaware of the treatment in place because the braces are almost invisible. Some types can be removed at certain times, such as meal time or special occasions. Appearance is not greatly impacted during treatment. Afterward, the patient’s confidence will soar with the beautiful new smile resulting from treatment.


The cost of dental orthodontia has become more affordable for many families. Some health insurance programs pay for part of the treatment. Orthodontia health care loans are widely available for those who want to make monthly payments over a period of time. Other payment options include personal savings and credit cards. Almost no one has to go without treatment due to cost. Over the long term, treatment pays for itself in helping patients to obtain a healthy dental structure with problems addressed, which may reduce dental and orthodontic treatment bills in the future.


Most patients will agree enthusiastically that the benefits of orthodontia work are priceless. Newfound confidence in personal appearance and in gaining a lovely smile cannot be overestimated. We have all seen people who try to hide their mouth when smiling, and orthodontia can solve that problem for patients of all ages. Another benefit is more effective nutrition. Healthy eating requires balanced meals that include vegetables and nuts, which can be hard to chew if teeth are missing, tipped, or twisted. Orderly dental structures, both upper and lower, help to ensure healthy chewing and eating, which can help to ensure more effective digestion. Successful orthodontic treatment also keeps teeth in healthier positions, which can prevent bacterial buildup that leads to plaque as well as cavities and gum disease. Avoiding these problems may help to keep teeth healthy as we get older, reducing the need for extractions, fillings, and replacement through bridges, crowns, or implants. Finally, healthy teeth without gaps or bite distortions can facilitate communication and verbal articulation for some people. Orthodontic examinations may reveal teeth below the gum surface that have not yet erupted, or malformations in the bite or jaw that should be corrected, preventing worse problems later.

For a thorough analysis of your teeth that can be seen as well as the unseen structures and issues that may play a role in your dental health, consult an orthodontist for a thorough examination. Hopefully, your teeth will be as healthy as they seem at this time, and no treatment will be needed. But if a problem is found, it can be treated early to minimize complications so that your teeth can look their best and continue to effectively meet your eating and speaking needs.

Contact Childers Orthodontic

At Childers Orthodontics, we have multiple offices where you can have an examination from our orthodontist. Dr. Kyle R. Childers accepts appointments at these facilities in Illinois:

• Benton – 618-438-2815
• Harrisburg – 618-252-0770
• Herrin – 618-997-1800

Our patients are able to have customized orthodontic treatments with devices that include:

• Invisalign – clear aligners that you can remove from your mouth
• Braces – traditional metal, color-matching ceramic or Damon System
• Retainers – used after regular orthodontic treatment ends

To straighten your teeth faster, we can also perform a Propel procedure to stimulate your alveolar bones.

Call us to schedule your first orthodontic evaluation.

I Don’t Have Any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit and Orthodontist?

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