Early Orthodontic Treatment Saves (Time, Money, and Effort)

Young children have soft facial and alveolar bones. In the past, parents waited until their children were teenagers to have an examination to determine if orthodontic treatment was required. However, experts now advise having your daughter’s teeth examined as soon as she begins to grow her permanent teeth. Most children begin to grow permanent molars when they are approximately 7 years old. Within a few more years, a child will have more permanent teeth inside her mouth. At this age, a child has soft facial and alveolar bones, making it easier to repair any malocclusions that are beginning to develop. Early orthodontic treatment saves time because it repairs your child’s teeth quickly, and it will also reduce the price of straightening your child’s teeth.

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Repairing a Poorly Formed Jawbone At a Young Age

In addition, if a child has a serious issue such as a poorly formed jawbone, then it is faster to fix the problem while he is still growing. Some facial deformities are difficult or impossible to repair after the facial bones harden during late adolescence. Your child will experience less discomfort from early orthodontic treatment. This means that there are great reasons to have early intervention for orthodontic problems by visiting an orthodontist who understands how to care for a younger child’s malocclusions.


Preventing Additional More Orthodontic Treatment

With early orthodontic treatment, it is possible for a child to have his teeth straightened quickly with braces rather than needing a surgical procedure on his jawbone. If you fail to have your son’s teeth straightened at a young age, then it is likely that more of his teeth will grow in at odd angles or have wide gaps. With early treatment, it is possible for your son to wear orthodontic devices that are designed to help his permanent teeth grow into the correct positions. Not only is it easier for a young child to have his teeth straightened at a younger age, but also, it is better for his overall well-being.


Helping Young Children Avoid Other Health and Developmental Issues

Above all, young children with poorly aligned teeth often have other health and developmental issues, including:

  • Bad bites that make it impossible to consume a nutritious diet
  • Poor self-esteem from having an unattractive smile
  • Speech problems such as a lisp
  • Tooth decay because it is difficult to brush and floss
  • Halitosis from a buildup of food particles and plaque
  • Bruxism from having a bad bite
  • Chronic headaches
  • Breathing difficulties

Finally, as your child grows, her problems from a bad bite can get worse. She may develop temporomandibular joint dysfunction that requires expensive long-term treatment to reduce chronic pain.


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Not Needing Orthodontic Treatment As a Teenager

In some cases, a young child only requires partial braces on her teeth to shift a few teeth into the correct positions so that the other teeth have enough space to erupt and grow properly. A modern evaluation at an orthodontic facility that has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment is the best way to determine if your young child requires early treatment for her misaligned teeth. Early intervention with orthodontic devices can prevent future health problems. And it makes it less likely that your child will need to wear metallic brackets and wires when she is a teenager.


Preventing Crowded or Widely Spaced Teeth

Most noteworthy, fixing your child’s teeth at a younger age is imperative for repairing a crossbite, excess spacing or crowding to ensure that the teeth have enough space to grow inside the mouth in an aesthetically pleasing way. If your child needs orthodontic treatment, then he will require customized brackets and wires on his teeth. This is because Invisalign aligners are only appropriate for teenagers or adults. It is possible for a child to have brackets placed on the back of his teeth, or a laboratory can make color-matching brackets for your child’s teeth. Fortunately, young children aren’t as concerned about wearing wires and brackets on their teeth as teenagers are.


Avoiding Bad Breath, Gingivitis and Cavities

When a parent wants to find an orthodontist for a younger child, it is important to look for one who understands interceptive orthodontic treatment. This form of treatment is designed for correcting your child’s malocclusions in the earliest stages. This ensures that the other teeth grow at the proper angle without horrible crowding or extra spacing. Having teeth that are spaced properly and that are at the correct angle will make it easier for your son to brush and floss his teeth. This will prevent cavities, gingivitis and bad breath that can lead to additional health problems in the future.

Contact Childers About Early Treatment

In conclusion, Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers early orthodontic treatment for young children. We have three orthodontic facilities available in Illinois, including:

• Benton – 618-438-2815
• Herrin – 618-997-1800
• Harrisburg – 618-252-0770

Accordingly, at Childers Orthodontics, children are able to wear different types of orthodontic devices, including Damon System, metallic or ceramic braces. Having an evaluation at a young age to repair your child’s malocclusions is essential. But when your child is older, she may require additional orthodontic treatment. This can be done with Invisalign clear plastic aligners or custom-fitted retainers to repair mild malocclusions. It is important to remember that early orthodontic treatment saves time, money and effort. You can schedule an appointment with Childers Orthodontics today to help your child. Call us to schedule your first orthodontic evaluation.

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Early Orthodontic Treatment Saves (Time, Money, and Effort)

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