Fix a Gummy Smile Easy (7 FACTS FOR MOM)

A gummy smile is an unfortunate genetic trait for some people who are born with it that would need to be quickly fixed by going and seeing an orthodontist. A gummy smile is an excessive gingival display. Check out our blog post on what a gummy smile is and how to treat it. Let’s get going.


gummy smile


A Gummy Smile?

What is a gummy smile? No one can tell for sure, but it’s largely determined by how exposed the teeth that line your gum line is. 3-4 mm of tooth showing might be just right or too much depending on what people feel is “disproportionate.”

This could lead to an unattractive appearance and society has deemed this as ugly while other cultures have seen different meanings in these smiles. Other contributing factors are:

  • Teeth shape
  • Lip shape
  • Jaw angle
  • Height of teeth in gums


Do Many People Have it?

Studies show that up to 10% of adults over the age of 20 are unsatisfied with their smiles, and many women believe there is too much gum line showing when they smile.


How do I Know if I Have a Gummy Smile?

The pink, shiny gumline of a grin is only seen if your top lip isn’t long enough to cover the teeth or you’re very expressive. Hypermobile lips might reveal more than just their joy – they could also show off how big (or small) one’s mouth can be.

A gummy smile will happen when your upper lip is on the shorter side and hypermobility in some people causes them to expose even further down below that which yields extra pink and sparkling teeth for all who see it.


Medication Side Effects

The side effects of taking certain medications sometimes come as a surprise. A good example is Gingival Hyperplasia, the overgrowth of gums around your teeth and it can be caused by drugs that affect your immune system or prevent seizures from occurring.


they could develop gum disease which isn’t life-threatening


In some cases, this condition may not cause any pain if left untreated for an extended period of time but in other people with this problem, they could develop gum disease which isn’t life-threatening but also causes no discomfort when unresolved for long periods of time.


How Can I Solve a Gummy Smile?

For those who have gummy smiles and are looking to improve their smile appearance, the answer might lie in a surgery known as a Gingivectomy. This involves removing some of this extra skin so more tooth surfaces will be exposed and it can last for years with proper maintenance.

Braces can also be a complication for anyone undergoing this procedure. Depending on the severity of their braces, it may not be possible to remove them during recovery time or if dentures don’t fit over teeth after healing has been completed, which could take six months depending on how much work needs to be done redone.


Temporary Anchorage Device

Talk to your dentist about whether this is right for you. With a TAD, there’s no need for surgery because it will pull teeth into place and reduce that gummy smile.


Is Surgery an Option?

Correcting orthodontic-related issues can be done through Orthognathic Surgery. This procedure will balance the length of your upper and lower jaws, meaning that you won’t have any trouble with gingival display or overbite anymore.

It’s a long process though. Most patients need an orthodontist as well as a maxillofacial surgeon to take care of their case. You may also undergo one or more scans for the team members to get detailed information about where your jaw has grown too far – some cases require braces before getting treated so they know how much needs correcting first.



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Now that you know the basics of a gummy smile, you can confidently get treatment without worrying about the effect on your life.

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