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Foods To Avoid While Wearing Braces

Can you eat gummy bears with braces? How about cotton candy? We only get one set of teeth for a lifetime, so it is important that we take care of them. That is why your orthodontist may have recommended braces for you or your children. Orthodontic braces can correct most common dental issues. There are drawbacks to consider. Like diet. Yes, you’ll have to forgo some foods to get perfect teeth. In this post, we’ll show you foods to avoid while wearing braces. Let’s get going.




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Eating with Braces

Orthodontic appliances are a considerable investment. reports the length of time for wearing these devices may vary. Most people need them for about two years. Your orthodontic appliances are doing their job for your teeth and jaws.

It is your job to protect your teeth. Some of the most innocent foods and drinks can wreak havoc. Many of these things are not good for you anyway. Here are some items that you should definitely avoid when undergoing orthodontic treatment:



Hard Foods Are Hard On Your Orthodontics

Eating with braces is tough going. Braces may be of strong material, but there are hard crunchy foods to avoid that can cause real damage. Damage to the wires, bands, brackets, and sealants:

Popcorn: You are going to have to watch the movie without it.

Ice: Crunching ice is not only bad for orthodontics, but it is hard on your teeth.

Hard candies: Even when you suck on them, hard candies can leave a nasty goo on your orthodontics.

Nut brittles: The nuts and the hard candy are a double whammy to the work on your teeth.

Whole carrots: Even when chopped up, they are stringy and can get caught in your bands.

Whole apples: You should be fine if the apples are in small slices.

Hard bread: That means no pumpernickel or pizza crust ends for you. Bagels are also tricky.

Chips and hard taco shells: Enjoy soft tacos and nix the tortilla chips.

Corn on the cob: If you like corn, cut it off the cob. Watch for the silks, too.


Leave The Chewy and Sticky Things Alone

Other foods to avoid are things can get stuck in your teeth or break wires in your orthodontic work:

Gum: Can you imagine the mess of digging gum out of your orthodontics?

Chewy candy: Taffy and other chewy candy are off-limits for now.

Caramel: It tastes wonderful, but it can cause bad damage to your orthodontics.

Cotton candy: You can still enjoy the circus without it.

Gummy bears or other animals: You could spend a day picking gummies from your teeth.

Health bars: They may have extra protein, but they are a sticky mess for your orthodontic work.

Tough meat: If your steak is not tender, send it back to the kitchen.

Acidic Foods to Avoid

More foods to avoid are acidic foods. Acidic foods can cause tooth decay, damage your enamel and stain your teeth, warns It is difficult for you to clean the acid trapped underneath your orthodontics. Acid can also cause damage to the bonding material on your teeth:

Apples: They are fine in small pieces if eaten in moderation.

Soda Pop: Your kidneys will thank you for drinking water instead.

Oranges: You will have to find other good sources of Vitamin C.

Lemons and Lemon juice: Lemons are high sources of citric acid.

Pickled vegetables: The vinegar gives your teeth a blast of acid you do not need.




Kick The Sweets

You have heard for years that sweets are bad for your teeth. They are also problematic for your orthodontics:

Sugary Cereals: You actually can still enjoy mornings without a bowl of cereal.

Fruit smoothies: They full of acid and fruit sugars

Cookies: You may get by with a soft cookie. Avoid the crunchy ones.

Processed foods: They are usually filled with extra sugars.

You will learn a new way of eating when you have orthodontic appliances. While you should stick with soft foods, you do not have to be on a liquid diet. When you eat things like hamburgers, pizza, or subs, cut them into more manageable bites. The same goes for most fruits and vegetables that you enjoy.

One of the reasons that some people like Invisalign devices so much is that they are removable. You do not have to worry about breaking them or getting food stuck in them. Still, you’re better off avoiding certain food for your teeth’ sake.

These cheeky chaps actually managed to find their own little hack, which we found quite resourceful but we would not necessarily recommend.


Soft Foods

You will need these for the first week. But soft foods will be your friend for the duration of treatment.

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Soft fruits
  • Cheese
  • Ice cream




Foods to avoid are hard foods AND those that leave villainous things on your teeth that destroy oral health. Soft foods may also damage your teeth.

At Childers Orthodontics in Benton, Ill., Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers expert care. Care for children, teenagers and adults. Our orthodontist provides orthodontic treatment to repair misaligned teeth:

  • Damon System – passive self-ligating devices
  • Braces – traditional wires and brackets or color-matching ceramic brackets
  • Aligners – designed by Invisalign
  • Retainers – designed for keeping teeth in correct positions
  • SureSmile – customized archwires
  • Propel – alveolar perforations for faster bone formation

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