People of all different ages can find themselves needing braces, and children are not exempt. While orthodontics for children and adults do share some features, you should know some important information about braces if your children are going to need them.

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Reasons for Braces

Only an orthodontist can determine if your children truly need to get braces. However, you can look for issues with the teeth such as crowding. Also, if the teeth are crooked, then your children may need braces. Other issues that cause a need for braces are teeth in the wrong place, teeth that do not come together and a jaw that isn’t settled in the right place.

Causes for Braces

Those reasons are some of the physical issues that lead to children to need braces. However, things that happen can also lead to the need for braces. For example, children who lose their baby teeth earlier or later than the average may find out that they have to get braces. Also, children who suck their thumbs, especially for an extended period of time, can end up in this situation, too.

When to Choose Treatment

After you have received word from the orthodontist that your children are in need of braces, you may wonder when the right time to act is. Ultimately, you must have a conversation with your dentist to determine those details. You may have a little bit of time to wait before the issue becomes urgent, or the orthodontist might say that your kids have to get the braces as soon as possible. You may want to wait until after a major event, but it’s best to go with advice from your orthodontic specialist.

Benefits of Braces

While your kids may fight with you when getting the braces initially, it may help to explain the many benefits of having them. The braces help to provide more room for the teeth and to help make the permanent teeth straight. Also, if your children have minor speech struggles as a result of their teeth, then the braces can also help there. Dental health is very important so when your kids get into the habit of going to the orthodontist on a regular basis, they can develop good skills for the rest of their lives.

Learning that your kids must get braces can seem overwhelming at first. Fortunately, you can give us a call at Childers Orthodontics 618.438.2815 to schedule an appointment with a professional to review your options.

Braces for Children