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From Dr. Childers: Teeth and Total Body Health

A recent online article outlines the link between keeping your teeth clean and overall body health. Many may not realize that there are strong links to the bacteria that we have in our mouths and heart disease and diabetes.

It is very tempting to compartmentalize the mouth, and assume that cavities, gum disease, and periodontal disease (disease of the bone around the teeth) are only problems of the mouth. In countless research articles, this temptation is refuted, and many show an ever-increasing impact on total body health.

As an orthodontist, it is also my belief that the difficulty keeping the teeth, gums, and surrounding bone clean due to crooked teeth is a solvable problem. Most of these studies have focused on adult patients, and the increasing number of adults receiving orthodontics could help the overall heart health and reduce the risks associated with diabetics. Now is a great time for adults to consider braces or Invisalign an option for their health.

Dr. Kyle Childers

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