Should I Get Braces Before My Wedding?

Should I get braces before my wedding? You’re getting married. Congratulations! Now that you’re getting married to your best friend, you’re excited to get started on the wedding planning. There’s so much to do, from the flowers to the guest seating to securing the location of the ceremony. You don’t know exactly how you will get everything done, but you know that you’ll do it in style. But what if everything about your appearance was camera ready, except for your teeth? The wedding pictures will be a big part of your wedding budget, so you want the star of the pictures (the bride) to look especially great. Is there anything you can do to fix your teeth before you say “I do?”






Why Do Your Teeth Become Crooked?

For many adults, they experience dental alignment issues right from childhood. They may have even needed to get braces as a child, but the parents couldn’t afford the expense of orthodontia.

Other adults have straight teeth in childhood but develop dental alignment issues when they grow into their adult teeth. Some people even wore braces when they were in their teens, but are seeing old issues return as they get older. While developing dental issues in adulthood can be really frustrating, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Even when you become an adult, your teeth will still continue to shift. Injuries and accidents can also cause alignment problems.

Can I Wear Braces As An Adult?

As an adult, you may think that orthodontics isn’t an option. As a matter of fact, when you think of a person wearing orthodontics, you picture a tween with metal in their mouth. What you definitely don’t imagine is a beautiful, blushing bride walking down the aisle on her wedding day with metal orthodontics on her teeth.

Out of all the people who wear orthodontics in the United States, 20 percent of them are adults. This means that there are plenty of men and women well into their adulthood who aren’t embarrassed at the fact that they have dental alignment issues that they will need to fix to get a healthy smile.

Just because you’re not a tween or teen getting raised by your parents does not mean that you no longer have the opportunity to fix your teeth. Many men and women take their improved financial situation as an opportunity to repair dental issues that can impair their smiles.

How Long Will I Need to Wear Orthodontics?

Unfortunately, most adults will have to wear orthodontics for a longer period of time than tweens and teens do. This is because the body of an adult does not change as fast as that of younger people. However, before you nix the possibilities of fixing your smile right off the bat, know that for most people, the benefits will definitely outweigh the downsides. While you may have to deal with orthodontia for a bit, within 12 to 20 months, you will have a picture-perfect smile for the ages.

Do I Have to Have That “Metal Mouth”?

As a future bride, you might get a little concerned about how your orthodontics will look in your wedding photos. A person’s appearance is a common concern for adults who are considering orthodontics as a solution to their alignment problems.

The good news for the future brides out there is that you have plenty of options when it comes to the styles of available orthodontia. Some of these methods aren’t readily visible to the human eye, so the people in your life won’t see what you have on your teeth.

A Great Way to Fix Your Smile Without Sacrificing Your Appearance

If you want your smile to look perfect in your wedding pictures, ask your local orthodontist about Invisalign. Invisalign works by straightening your teeth using customized aligners that are made only for your teeth. The trays are made of clear plastic that you will place over your teeth every day.

These aligners will gradually move your teeth into their rightful place. Your orthodontist won’t have to attach those pesky metal brackets and you won’t have to keep coming back to the office to get wires tightened. Every two weeks you will go to the office to get your old aligner set replaced with a new one. You will do this until you finally get the smile that you were meant to have.

Why Brides Should Consider Invisalign

When a bride invests in these invisible aligners, she is not only investing in beautiful wedding pictures. She is also making an investment in her dental health and overall quality of life. Researchers have shown in a few studies that study participants consider people who have smiles they consider to be less than ideal to be less intelligent, educated, and friendly.

A bride certainly doesn’t want a stranger looking at her wedding photos to think that she is anything other than beautiful, radiant, and competent in life and love. With these aligners, a bride can both take care of her teeth while at the same time ensuring that she takes great pictures on the most important day of her life.

Need a Great Smile For Your Wedding Day?

If you need your wedding day smile to be stunning and radiant, contact our office and talk to our orthodontist on staff. Once you make an appointment, they will alert you to all of your options for fixing alignment issues that will not interfere with those all-important wedding photos.

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At Childers Orthodontics in Benton, Ill., Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers expert care for children, teenagers, and adults. Our orthodontist provides these treatments to repair misaligned teeth:

• Damon System – passive self-ligating devices
• Braces – traditional wires and brackets or color-matching ceramic brackets
• Aligners – designed by Invisalign
• Retainers – designed for keeping teeth in correct positions
• SureSmile – customized archwires
• Propel – alveolar perforations for faster bone formation

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