Gone are the days where every single patient at the orthodontist’s office needs to enter into a long-term relationship with braces. SureSmile is a new system that allows you to wear braces for a shorter period of time, but to still gain that beautiful smile at the end of the process. Learning how SureSmile works can convince you that it is the right option for you or your kids.

Advanced Orthodontic Imaging

SureSmile orascannerThe first step is to make sure that the model of your teeth is precise and accurate. By using the OraScanner or Cone Beam Computed Tomography®, a three-dimensional image is taken of your teeth. That helps to ensure that all angles are accounted for. Not only does this image show your orthodontist what your teeth look like, but it goes beneath the surface to reveal issues with the nerves, teeth, soft tissues and bones. This process gives your orthodontist a comprehensive look at the issues at play in your mouth.

Prescriptive Treatment Planning

Now that your orthodontist, Dr. Childers, can see exactly what is going on inside of your mouth, and he can create a plan for correcting it. He will determine what your mouth will look like once it has gone through the proper processes and work to craft a plan to get your teeth into those positions. The position of each and every tooth is examined and planned to ensure that the greatest level of attention is paid to even the smallest of details.

Robotic Accuracy

SureSmile ArchwireOnce the planning phase is over, a Copper Ni-Ti® metal is heated to above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. A robot is used to bend the wires so that they exactly match up with your necessary plan, the plan created during the prescriptive treatment planning phase. The wires are then perfectly blended into the necessary mold, and they are activated by the heat of your body. In fact, these wires have been called “smart” wires. They are so technologically advanced that they are a part of the smart movement that has gone into so many different areas of life. This level of accuracy helps you to gain the best results.


SureSmile – How it Works

Advantages of SureSmile

You may wonder what the benefits are of having SureSmile. When you are on the quest for a smile that dazzles, this type of technology helps to make sure that the process is exactly and directly customized to the needs of your individual teeth. On top of that, you can spend less time wearing these braces than you would wearing traditional braces. That means you are going to be enjoying your new smile in a short period of time. This fact can help to convince kids that braces aren’t so bad after all.

SureSmile is a method that has helped people to get the smiles they want without the hassle. Only an orthodontist can let you know if you are the right fit for this plan. Call Childers Orthodontics today at: (618) 438-2815 to schedule an appointment and to find out more.

How SureSmile Works