Invisalign provider LogoYou’ve spent a great deal of time dreaming about your perfect teeth, and now that you see Invisalign in front of you, you’re exploring that option. However, you are concerned about the costs associated with the procedure. As Invisalign has become more popular, more options have become available for payment. Therefore, you can have the opportunity to get straighter teeth without anyone ever knowing that you are even wearing braces.

The Cost of Invisalign

The price of Invisalign for your specific situation is not a figure that you can research online. Invisalign costs vary greatly from person to person.

Dr. Childers will take the specifics of your dental condition into account and depending on how extensive your issues are will determine your length of the treatment. Also the amount of time for which you wear your Invisalign every day is going to play a huge role on your treatment time as you should only remove them to eat and brush your teeth.