iTero Element – The High-Tech Scanner that Keeps On Giving

Using an iTero Element scanner allows orthodontists to enhance the Invisalign experience for their patients, and Childers Orthodontics is proud to offer this new, high-tech scanner. This cutting edge scanner provides patients with a variety of benefits, including a more accurate fit for Invisalign aligners. Thanks to the iTero Element scanner, patients can also visualize how their teeth will look after the treatment process has concluded.

No More Messy Putties

With traditional impressions, the process was often messy, and almost always triggered a gag reflex amongst patients. This made many patients uncomfortable with the entire Invisalign process. The iTero Element scanner allows an orthodontist to scan your mouth is less than 5 minutes while still capturing an accurate impression. There is no need for messy putties or molds. The process is powder free, which provides patients with more comfort. Removing the clay modeling process means that digital scans do not have to be rescanned by your orthodontist.

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Helps Eliminate Unnecessary Return Visits

If your family is like most families, they do not like to redo impressions, which is exactly what this scanner helps eliminate. Thanks to this high-tech scanner, orthodontists are able to get a more accurate digital impression using the light-emitting handheld wand. The digital impressions make the process more efficient, and patients can receive better fitting aligners thanks to the scanner’s precision. Even if your child moves during the set, the accuracy of the impression is great. This helps decrease the risks of a return visit in order to perform a “redo” impression. Digital impressions could also reduce the need of chair-side adjustments for the aligners.

Better Aligners

Since the compressions are more efficient, you can receive better fitting aligners. Patients using this scanner have had 7 times fewer issues pertaining to the fit of their aligners, in comparison to traditional impressions. Long gone is the process that terrified many patients. Instead, the wand only needs to rest on your teeth for easy scanning, compared to other scanners that must hover over the teeth in order to stay in focus.

After treatment, patients also have the ability to visualize how their teeth will look, due to the Invisalign Stimulator that is powered by the scanner. You can watch as the 3D images appear on the screen, in real-time.

Save Time and Money

Since the scanner provides accurate impressions, there is no need for those extra appointments that cost you time and money. In fact, your visits may actually be shorter now, thanks to this new technology. Your impressions do not need to be shipped off for long periods of time, which means that you receive them in almost half the time it would take if you opt for traditional impressions. By eliminating the inefficiencies, you will eliminate the costs and time associated with traditional impressions.

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Healthy Teeth Lead to a Healthy Smile

When you are searching for an orthodontist in Marion that offers the iTero Element scanner, look no further than Childers Orthodontics. You will have access to Dr. Childers, an experienced orthodontist that can handle all of your Invisalign needs as he is the ONLY Top 1% Invisalign provider in Southern Illinois. The impressions are not only more accurate, but the materials used for the impressions are environmentally friendly, which is another benefit.

Call today and schedule your consultation so that you can be one step closer to straighter teeth and a beautiful smile!