Is the Comprehensive (Damon System) Treatment Costly?

How Much Does the Damon System Treatment Cost? Today is a unique time in the history of orthodontic medicine. With ongoing rapid advances in oral health technology and medical knowledge, orthodontic practitioners are able to achieve rapid results for even the most complex oral health problems.


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As a result, not only are children and teens growing up with better overall oral health, but adults are increasingly seeking out orthodontic care to correct longstanding bite issues and improve self-confidence through a beautiful bright, white smile.

One of the most popular additions to today’s orthodontic care options is called the Damon System. Read on to learn more about the process and costs of the Damon System of orthodontic treatment.


What Is the Damon System?

The Damon System is widely considered to be the next generation of orthodontic braces. With lightweight, streamlined orthodontic hardware that is easier to wear and take care of, patients are increasingly choosing the Damon System of braces over traditional orthodontic hardware options.


Patients of all Ages Can Benefit.

The Damon System can be used with children, teens, and adult patients with great success. Most patients are deemed good candidates for the Damon System of treatment since it can address both mild and moderate to severe tooth malocclusions (misalignment of teeth and jaws.)


Lightweight, Elegant Hardware.

Because the Damon System uses a sliding archwire instead of traditional elastics and/or o-rings, it creates far less friction inside the mouth. This provides for a greatly enhanced comfort level during treatment and fewer in-office orthodontist visits to adjust the hardware.

The Damon System can also accommodate clear brackets (called Damon Clear) for a near-invisible look during treatment. Teens and adults working in image-sensitive industries particularly appreciate this option!


Easier at-home Maintenance and Care.

For children and teen patients, in particular, the streamlined hardware can make for much easier brushing, flossing, and overall at-home care and maintenance.

In addition, adult patients, too, appreciate being able to spend less time keeping their Damon System hardware clean, sanitary and free of food debris.


Are Damon Braces Less painful?

Young patients tend to be the most hesitant to undergo orthodontic treatment because they are understandably fearful of being in pain. However, the Damon System of braces is far less heavy and cumbersome to wear than traditional metal hardware.

The lightweight Damon hardware also places less pressure and restriction on teeth and reduces friction on sensitive mouth tissues, making treatment markedly more comfortable regardless of patient age.


How Do Damon Braces and Invisalign Compare?

This helpful chart from the Damon company website tells all.

Damon Clear Braces Invisalign
Virtually Invisible Yes Yes
Is Everyone a Candidate? Yes No
Quality of Results Excellent. Effective at treating mild to severe crowding while delivering arch development and aligned teeth, bite and smile arc. Can be effective at treating mild to moderate tooth crowding but does not treat as effectively as braces, according to clinical studies.
Long-Term Results Removable retainer at night may be recommended. Higher relapse rate than braces. Removable aligner/retainer at night may be recommended.
Comfort Damon System braces have been found to be more comfortable than traditional braces, according to clinical studies. May experience temporary discomfort for a few days at the beginning of each phase of treatment.
Removable Not removable, this means that Damon Clear is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to move teeth quickly. Removable but must be worn a minimum of 20-22 hours a day to be most effective.
Speech Difficulty No May temporarily affect speech (e.g., lisp) during treatment.
Cost Ranges from $3,800 – $8,000 depending on treatment. Ranges from $3,800 – $8,000 depending on treatment.


Reduced Treatment Times.

Perhaps the most popular aspect of the Damon System is that it can reduce treatment times by as much as 7.2 months!

Since no one wants to spend a day longer wearing any type of orthodontic hardware than is absolutely necessary, this has made the Damon System a winning choice for both providers and patients.

Why Choose The Damon System For Braces

What is the Average Down Payment/Overall Cost for Damon?

When you seek out an orthodontist to correct cosmetic and health issues with your teeth, bite, and jaw alignment, your provider will begin by taking a patient history, conducting a complete oral exam, taking X-ray images to look for hidden issues, and then developing a recommended plan of orthodontic treatment.

Once there is a thorough understanding of what needs fixing, you can talk with your orthodontist about options, including traditional hardware, the Damon System, Invisalign, and others.

Invisalign is typically only recommended for treating minor or visible cosmetic issues. The Damon System, on the other hand, can treat more serious orthodontic problems. Traditional hardware tends to be the last choice for most patients today, simply because it can be less comfortable to wear and simple to maintain.




Most patients that seek out orthodontic care are initially concerned about costs – this is just natural when you are considering a period of longer oral health treatment. One common question many patients ask is whether the Damon System is more expensive than opting for traditional orthodontic hardware.

Since no two orthodontic patients’ oral treatment needs will be identical in all ways, this is not always a question that is as easy to answer as it sounds. In most respects, the Damon System cost is comparable to the cost of traditional orthodontic treatment, with one caveat: clear or ceramic hardware can be slightly pricier than opting for standard metal hardware.


There are three other ways that the Damon System of treatment can save you money:

  1. You will likely wear your Damon hardware for 6 to 7 months less than you would wear traditional hardware.
  2. No need to schedule as many orthodontic adjustment visits during your Damon treatment.
  3. You will not need to purchase accessories for your Damon hardware such as o-rings, elastic bands, spacers or orthodontic wax.


Is Damon System Worth it?

The world speaks to each other. The internet is their tool. You can read personal journeys and comments here, for a real-time debate on the Damon System treatment. 


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Is the Comprehensive (Damon System) Treatment Costly?

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