Orthodontic Fact #3 – Here’s a Fun Fact: All Orthodontists are Dentists

bracesOrthodontic Fact #3 – Here’s a Fun Fact: All Orthodontists are Dentists, But Only 5 Percent of Dentists are Orthodontics. Confusing, Isn’t It?

You know what dentists do and are probably familiar with the work of orthodontists. However, you may not realize that while every orthodontist is a dentist, not every dentist is an orthodontist. Both are professionals who are dedicated to your dental health, but orthodontists are specifically concerned with the alignment of teeth, especially in children.

Understanding the Principles of Orthodontics

Not everyone has naturally straight teeth, with so-called malocclusions often developing at the end of childhood. Fortunately, orthodontists can correct most of these problems with braces. Orthodontic care is primarily concerned with these issues:

  • Straightening teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Correcting bite problems
  • Aligning the mouth and lips

The Importance of Straight Teeth

Straight teeth are an important part of a person’s facial appearance. Additionally, teeth that are poorly aligned can be difficult to clean, which can increase a person’s susceptibility to dental disorders. Teeth that are not straight can also affect the digestive process and can even cause speech difficulties. Although orthodontic devices are normally worn by children, they can also benefit adults who want to look their best.

The Different Types of Orthodontic Devices

Many tools are available to orthodontists for the purpose of straightening teeth. Traditional wire braces are commonly used and have a record of success in accomplishing this goal. The Damon system is effective on those with serious malocclusions. The Invisalign system employs clear plastic aligners that can be removed for eating and brushing and are ideal for those who are uncomfortable with conventional braces.

Considering Orthodontic Treatment

Possessing training beyond that of a dentist, an orthodontist is uniquely qualified to determine whether you or your child needs braces. If you are considering such treatment, schedule an appointment with Childers Orthodontics at 618-438-2815.

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