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Are All Orthodontic Treatment the Same? | Quick Facts

A smile is worth investing in since you are most likely expected to show your pearly whites for a lifetime. Your smile is the key to making new friends and letting people know that you like them. You also need a beautiful smile to help you feel confident at school, work and in social situations. When you think about it, people view your smile as a reflection of your personality, and you want them to know that you are friendly.


Fixing a teeth with braces.

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Taking care of your teeth can sometimes require much more than simply brushing and flossing each day. Your teeth may have alignment issues that lead to problems such as jaw pain and difficulty chewing. Teeth that are too close together can also trap food and make it almost impossible to clean properly between them. A smile that has these types of imperfections doesn’t just ruin your confidence, it can also cause dental problems that affect your comfort today and in the future.

People often come to our office asking why should I have orthodontic treatment, and the truth is that the answer is different for everyone. Our orthodontist may recommend getting your teeth straightened to make it easier for you to chew your food. They may also suggest fixing your child’s bite to help their adult teeth come in straight as they grow up. You should always expect your orthodontist to explain to you the reasons for their recommendations while also giving you tips to improve your smile.

What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

Your first natural question may involve trying to find out exactly what orthodontic treatment is since there seem to be so many types. You should first understand the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. Dentists perform care services that help your teeth directly such as cleanings and fillings. They may offer braces in their office, but it is not the same as what you get from going to the orthodontist.

An orthodontist makes the answer to your question of what is orthodontic treatment clear when you visit their office. In addition to the completion of their dental training, an orthodontist continues their education for several more years to learn how to properly move teeth into their correct positions. They are highly trained in the anatomy of the mouth and jaws so that they can perform more intensive types of services compared to a dentist. Choosing to go to an orthodontist for your care gives you more options for improving your smile.

Find Out About the Benefits of Early Treatment

As a parent, you may be wondering about how do I know if I need orthodontic treatment for my child. This is a common question that we frequently hear when children begin to have some of their adult teeth come into their mouths. It is common to see that a child’s teeth come in crooked or crowded together when their baby teeth were once perfectly straight. Ideally, you should hear that an orthodontist offers something called two-phase treatment.

With this type of treatment, an orthodontist recommends that you bring your child in for their first appointment when they are around seven years old. This allows them to asses the overall development of your child’s mouth to determine if future problems might occur. For example, your child’s doctor might see that they lack adequate space in their mouth for their adult teeth to come in without crowding. If a problem is found, they can then recommend early treatments to help improve how their smile forms. For example, some teeth can be moved down so that more intensive treatment is not necessary later.

Choose From Several Types of Braces

The differences between orthodontic treatments are most notable when you look at the types of braces that are available. Traditional metal braces are the type that most patients are familiar with, and these are effective for fixing serious problems with tooth alignment. Invisalign is another common type of braces that involves removable trays that a patient wears to move their teeth into the correct places along their gum line. The right type of braces for you or your child depends upon factors that the doctor will discuss with you during your visit.

Orthodontic Treatment

Improve Other Orthodontic Issues

Crooked teeth are the most obvious smile problem that you can see in the mirror. However, there are also underlying issues that are treatable with quality orthodontic care. A palatial expander can help to open up a child’s mouth so that there is more room for the teeth to grow in. Some people also need retainers to help pull their jaws into the right alignment. Retainers are also used to keep straightened teeth in their proper places.

Ask About In-Office Technology

Advanced technology is the best way to find out the true answer to your question about how do I know if I need orthodontic treatment. While nothing can fully replace the importance of a visual exam that your orthodontist conducts, you also want to know that they use technology to improve their ability to make an effective treatment plan. The best orthodontist uses 3-D imaging to see all of the parts of your mouth. With a 3-D scan, they can check on important factors that affect your oral health that might not be visible during a physical exam. Your teeth roots, sinuses and jaw joints are all visible with advanced technology so that your orthodontist can address all potential issues that they find.

Look for an Orthodontic Office That Goes the Extra Mile

You can also see differences in how orthodontic treatment is delivered. Orthodontic clinics often go the extra mile to make sure that younger patients feel motivated to comply with their treatment plan. Your child may be able to use a reward system to help them feel excited about coming to their office visits and taking care of their teeth. You can also expect that your orthodontist will provide a reassuring chair side manner that includes answering all of your questions about your treatment plan that make it easy to understand the reasons behind your question of why should I have orthodontic treatment.

At Childers Orthodontics, we believe that orthodontic treatment should be effective, comfortable and most of all exciting for our patients. We encourage you to give us a call today to schedule your complimentary consultation that shows you what a positive spin we put on creating beautiful smiles.

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Are All Orthodontic Treatment the Same? | Quick Facts

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