Power Chains for Braces (QUICK FACT LIST FOR MOMS)

Undergoing orthodontic treatment can be painful and uncomfortable. If you are using traditional wire and bracket braces, then the treatment time speeds up in many ways. Adhering to the schedule set out by your orthodontist is the main one. Other helping hands come in the form of devices like Power Chains. Power chains do the same job as ‘O’ rings just speedier. In this post, we’ll take you through what power chains for braces are. And how they help complete treatment in less time. Let’s get cracking.


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What are Power Chains Exactly?

Well, power chains are chains that fit in the mouth and around the brackets of braces. These replace ‘O’ ring rubber bands that may not be strong or robust enough to perform the desired effect. They fit tight and pull teeth together to aid treatment completion time.
In some cases, your orthodontist will use wire power chains. This is not a regular thing and for cases where some serious strength needs to move teeth. Or keep teeth in a position needed to aid treatment. This is where wire chains wrap around the brackets, replacing rubber bands.


Why Should I Use Them?

Power chains do speed up the treatment and offer strength to the devices used in the mouth. If the patient needs extractions before treatment, they can expect power chains during treatment. And more than likely for the entire time they have braces. Power chains offer guarantees of strength. They also ensure gaps and movement regulate and do not stray from the planned process. set out by the orthodontist.


Are Power Chains Painful?

Yes. You’ll find pain from the tightness, especially after fitting or adjustments. After a while, it will become a discomfort. No pain no gain is the buzz phrase to use here. Food will need to be soft and easy on the chewing factor when using power chains.


What Happens with Power Chains?

Your will change your power chains when you visit the orthodontist for the scheduled adjustments. You’ll find fun colors to choose from. Be sure to choose a color that suits your lifestyle. For example, drinkers of coffee or red wine may want to use silver or grey.


match your favorite sports team colors


Otherwise, match your favorite sports team colors or just go for bright colors to show off the devices. It is all up to personal taste when choosing the color of your power chains.


How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment time is always based on the individual and the decisions made by the orthodontist. 6 months is the minimum time to see success, it may take a few weeks. Your mouth will tell you what it needs. You may not even notice the changing happening.


Is Fitting Difficult?

No. It is done in a quick fashion by an expert. It needs a cool hand who knows your mouth. Your orthodontist will do it easily.




Can I Clean my Teeth While Wearing Them?

Yes. Cleaning teeth is the same as any other method. It is difficult at the beginning but you’ll get used to it and quicker at it too over time.


Do I Need to Pay Extra?

No. The cost of power chains is included in the overall cost of treatment and the orthodontist will factor in that when costing treatment.


Can I Use Power Chains if I am Older?

Yes. Age is not a factor at all.




At Childers Orthodontics in Illinois, our orthodontist can assess whether power chains will be needed during treatment. We are open for new Children, teenagers, and adults to have an examination. And to learn more about straightening their teeth and the devices used during treatment. We will explain all in easy-to-understand formats. So you can be rest assured of your treatment quality.
Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers expertise in all procedures. This is to reduce the amount of time required for wearing orthodontic devices. Call us to schedule your first appointment for an orthodontic evaluation.
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