Propel logoLooking for an orthodontic treatment plan that offers an innovative approach to straightening your smile? Orthodontic acceleration has become a fascinating development for the field of orthodontics because it allows patients to straighten their teeth faster than ever before. If you had crooked teeth in the past, it could take years before braces would change your tooth structure.

Progression of Technology

However, advances in technology have changed the pace of the realignment process to lead to faster speeds than ever seen before. Meanwhile, patients will love the benefits of a picture-perfect smile. How does the technology work? Propel examines the entire mouth of patients, and when looking for a treatment plan, it stimulates the bone structure that surrounds the teeth. Adopting this approach, the orthodontist will ensure the teeth have been positioned correctly, and he or she will control the movement of the teeth. What is the end result? You receive a straighter smile without as big of a time commitment, and you will have fewer visits to the office.

Why else should you consider this approach? The process does not require invasive surgery, so that means that you will experience no recovery time or discomfort.

PROPEL Orthodontic Acceleration


Is Propel Right for You?

This treatment plan becomes a perfect option for about 80 percent of patients who want faster benefits with braces. You can also use this system in conjunction with TADs, clear braces or your conventional metal braces. As an adult, you have a full list of other obligations that probably do not include spending months or years on braces. With this approach, you can speed up the process by up to 50 percent faster.

The Procedure

Propel ExcelleratorOrthodontists call the procedure Alveocentesis, and the process involves the depth dial of the device and adjusting it to stimulate the bone in a micro-invasive manner. During the process, the tissue will be kept taught, and there is an LED stop indicator light that will allow for deeper illumination when necessary. What does this mean? Your orthodontist will give you results with greater accuracy and speed. Why should you consider this method over others?

  • State-of-the-art professional design of surgical steel construction
  • Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” Technology Award 2014
  • Dentistry of Today labelled it as one of the Top 50 Technology Products in 2014 Readers’ Choice Award
  • Accelerates the biology in tooth movement

What other features of the Excellerator technology can you expect to find? First, you will love the ergonomic design, which will lead to greater control and tactile sensation. Since its launch in 2012, Propel Orthodontics have delivered outstanding results when it comes to tooth movement and its biology.

From experience, we have seen a 40 percent reduction in time for treatment. The great thing about this practice is that it can be partnered with Incognito or Invisalign. Here at Dr. Kyle Childers DMD, we have seen the most impact with patients who have already gone over their treatment time and want to finish. For further information, contact Childers Orthodontics 3315 Patriot Court, Herrin, IL 62948. Call today at (618) 997-1800.