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Things To Do When Experiencing Mouth Ulcer While Wearing Braces

When an individual starts wearing braces for the first time, an achy or sore sensation is normal. There is often tenderness when biting down or general soreness for about three to five days. The individual should consume a soft food diet including mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, milkshakes, soups, ice cream, and smoothies. During the first 72 hours, chewing sugar-free gum will help with the soreness.





How Mouth Ulcer Develops While Wearing Braces

Numerous patients wonder how mouth ulcer develops while wearing braces. So, what is a mouth ulcer? A mouth ulcer occurs when there’s a loss of the tissues lining the mouth. This can happen when braces are first installed by an orthodontist. Mouth ulcers are not harmful and usually disappear within a week with no treatment necessary. If the mouth ulcer persists, the individual should visit the orthodontist.

Mouth ulcers or sores inside of the mouth can occur within the first week because the cheeks and lips have not become accustomed to rubbing against the braces. When asking what is mouth ulcer, this is the answer. The mouth becomes tougher as time passes. There are steps the individual can take to help ensure the mouth ulcer improves in just a couple of days. The ulcer should not require more than a week to heal completely.

If there is no improvement, the expertise of orthodontists may be required. The majority of individuals wearing braces do not have issues with either soreness or mouth ulcers, but it can happen. Soreness can also result from the movement of the teeth as they move into correct positions. In some cases, a band or wire can become loose. Any necessary repairs can be made easily by the orthodontist.


Using Dental Wax on the Braces

Most orthodontists will give their patients dental wax once braces have been applied. This will help lubricate the braces to stop any sharp areas from rubbing against tender areas in the mouth. Dental wax can also be purchased at most local pharmacies. Using dental wax is usually recommended by orthodontists.

Numbing the Discomfort or Pain

The best option for immediate relief from either discomfort or pain is by applying a topical gel. This can be accomplished by using a Q-tip. The mouth ulcer is numbed by the gel. This offers temporary relief for the individual. Anti-inflammatory medications are also effective for treating pain resulting from mouth ulcers. Some individuals prefer making their homemade solutions. One of the most popular recipes includes:

• Eucalyptus essential oil (eight drops)
• Olive oil (two tablespoons)
• Peppermint essential oil (ten drops)
• One small spray bottle

Add all of the ingredients to the spray bottle and shake well. Spray the solution onto the mouth ulcer. This will numb the discomfort or pain while offering anti-inflammatory properties.

Disinfecting the Mouth Ulcer

One of the main reasons mouth ulcers can be painful is that they have become infected by bacteria. The best way to disinfect a mouth ulcer is with a solution of warm water and salt. The salt should be added to a glass of warm water and mixed well. The individual then rinses their mouth with this solution. This should not be done frequently because salt water is hard on the teeth.

The mixture must be spat out completely. Commercial products are also available for the treatment of mouth ulcers. These products are usually similar to peroxide. The difference is they were created specifically to target the bacteria known to infect mouth ulcers. This type of treatment will not always offer instant relief.

The Natural Remedies

The individual can fill a small pouch with chamomile and soak it in freshwater. The pouch is then placed directly on the mouth ulcer. This provides both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Another option is adding two teaspoons of sage to a glass containing four ounces of water. Stir the mixture, boil it, then let it sit for ten minutes. The mixture is then swished around the mouth for one minute before being spit out. Native Americans have been using this recipe for centuries.

How to Avoid Mouth Ulcer

Many individuals new to braces often wonder how to avoid mouth ulcers. One of the best options is the creation of a protective barrier using a specialized mouth rinse. This will create a barrier for approximately four hours. The individual simply rinses their mouth with the solution for one minute. This type of protection decreases the risk of beverages or foods aggravating the mouth ulcer.


Avoiding Spicy and Acidic Foods

Food containing a lot of acid or spices can aggravate mouth ulcers. These foods also slow down the process of healing. Two of the most common acidic foods are tomatoes and citrus juices such as orange juice or lemonade. Mouth ulcers can also be aggravated by sodas. One of the best foods for anyone with mouth ulcers is yogurt because it is easy to swallow and bland.

Consuming popsicles or drinking cold beverages can help with the pain. If any specific food is aggravating mouth ulcers, it should be eliminated until the ulcers have completely healed. Non-acidic foods are just as healthy as acidic foods. Mouth ulcers will heal a lot faster when the individual consumes foods rich with nutrients and a high pH. The pain of mouth ulcers can be alleviated simply by drinking more water.

Covering the Braces

Products are available to cover braces. This type of cover was designed to adhere to the braces. This prevents direct contact between the mouth ulcers and the braces. This decreases the risk of aggravating the ulcers. These products are especially useful when the individual is drinking or eating. Most of these products can be cut using scissors to provide a customized fit. This is similar to a custom mouthguard.

Treating the Other Issues

Even though new braces are often responsible for mouth ulcers, there is a possibility the cause is an entirely different issue. This includes:

• An oral injury
• Tissue damage
• Stress

The individual may have accidentally bitten the inside of their mouth. This can aggravate or cause a mouth ulcer. If the individual is under a lot of stress, this can often be relieved by:

• Deep breathing
• Yoga
• Exercising

Some conditions can cause mouth ulcers. This includes:

• Crohn’s Disease
• Stomach ulcers

Anyone experiencing mouth ulcers should contact an orthodontist as soon as possible.

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Things To Do When Experiencing Mouth Ulcer While Wearing Braces

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