SureSmile Benton ILIs Robotic Wire Bending More Accurate?

SureSmile technology is more precise because the wires are crafted to the individual’s unique measurements and prescription. Your orthodontist can better control how the teeth are moving. Patients will not have to have braces for as long and this is less painful than traditional methods where the professional has to bend the archwire by hand.

What is SureSmile?

Using software, your orthodontist looks at all treatment options. This is a chance to look at every tooth and the best position. Dr. Childers designs archwires right the first time without having to do a lot of refinements or adjustments. This enhances accuracy, cuts back on appointment frequencies and length. With SureSmile technology, Dr. Childers can then monitor how the treatment is working.

What is the Orascanner?

Orthodontists use this hand-held device to look at the movement of the teeth. This device works like a 3D camera. Using a white light, the Orascanner scans the teeth and takes images of the teeth.

How Much is SureSmile?

It’s hard to determine the actual cost. Treatment depends upon the severity of the teeth alignment, insurance and more.

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Is SureSmile Less Painful?

SureSmile means accuracy, which means that your orthodontist doesn’t have to continually adjust the wires. This is where discomfort comes from: tightening and re-tightening of wires. Patients experience less discomfort because the treatment is more precise and requires fewer changes.

What Exactly Are the Shape Memory Alloy ArchWires?

These archwires have been used by orthodontist professionals for over a decade. Shape Memory Alloy options were possible once technology allowed the metal to bend at high enough temperatures. This is thanks to robotic hands. These orthodontic archwires fit to an individual patient’s specific prescriptions, which is why SureSmile is more accurate than past treatment options.

Are There Health Risks to Quicker-Moving Teeth?

No, you are safe and sound with SureSmile! A common misconception is that SureSmile moves teeth faster than traditional techniques. Instead, this technology offers fewer adjustments, which saves time. Teeth are not actually moving quicker. Instead, they are directed more clearly to their correct placement. Treatment is quicker because frequent readjustments are not required. Teeth are not moving quicker and thus there is no risk of damaging a person’s teeth, gums or jaw from this treatment.

Is My Orthodontist Still in Charge of My Treatment?

Yes, the orthodontist is the one calling the shots! SureSmile is technology that benefits an orthodontist’s treatment. This is another tool for their toolbox and increases accuracy. However, Dr. Childers is still in charge of planning and executing treatment and monitoring progress.

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