SureSmile featured on CNN last week! From Dr. Childers

Does the thought of having traditional braces for 24 months or more get you down? Our team at Childers Orthodontics understand that one of the biggest concerns for orthodontic patients with braces is the length of their treatment.

But you’re in luck, because Dr. Kyle Childers specializes in SureSmile, high-tech robotic braces that have been revolutionizing the orthodontic industry. SureSmile, which combines digital 3-D imaging, has computer-aided treatment planning and customized archwires to straighten teeth about 40 percent faster than traditional braces. With conventional braces, Dr. Childers typically makes many adjustments to wires, and sometimes the teeth don’t move as planned, so more adjustments are needed. With SureSmile, the robotic wires are sent to Dr. Childers ready to go. SureSmile means fewer wires are involved, and that usually results in fewer visits.

Last week, CNN’s own Dr. Sanjay Gupta filed a report on SureSmile and profiled a Maryland teenager named Jessica Thompson, who wasn’t particularly thrilled about traditional braces. Jessica chose SureSmile as her treatment, and she is not alone – more and more people in Benton, Harrisburg and Herrin are choosing SureSmile as their treatment option.

To learn more about SureSmile treatment at Childers Orthodontics, we invite you to give us a call!

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