SureSmile Benton ILReduce the Amount of Time Needed to Straighten Teeth

Many children and teenagers are opposed to wearing braces because of the long-term commitment, but SureSmile devices will reduce the wearing time by an average of 30 percent with additional benefits such as less discomfort. Individuals living in Illinois can learn about this new type of orthodontic treatment by visiting Childers Orthodontics. In the past, patients often needed to wear wire braces for several years because the devices were designed by people, but today, an orthodontist can use modern three-dimensional imaging techniques to design archwire that will apply precise pressure to each tooth inside a patient’s mouth. Because of this innovative system, a patient will require fewer orthodontic office visits to have their brace’s wires adjusted while experiencing less discomfort and having a shorter overall treatment time.

Wear Braces that Have a Precisely Made Archwire

SureSmile mother-daughterOrthodontists like Dr. Kyle R. Childers with approval to treat their patients with SureSmile braces are supplied with special diagnostic tools, including a cone beam tomography machine and bright light scanner. The information collected by these tools is part of the three-dimensional imaging techniques that develops a unique archwire design to align each tooth based on its current position and the projected correct position. After the information is collected, a robot is responsible for bending and shaping the wires to make the archwire device for braces, ensuring that the design is 100 percent accurate for a particular patient. When the customized archwire is prepared, Dr. Childers attaches the device to a patient’s teeth.

Feel Less Discomfort While Wearing Customized Braces

Patients wearing traditional metal braces must have the wires changed and adjusted every few weeks while someone wearing these innovative devices only requires having the wires changed once or twice throughout a treatment plan. To have the wires changed and adjusted by an orthodontist, the professional must use small pliers, but the robotically made brace’s wires adjust automatically due to the patient’s own body heat. A robot is able to create a more accurate archwire than an orthodontist, leading to a better and faster result. While the average time for old-fashioned metal braces is about 24 months, the average time for these innovative computer software designed braces is one year. Here are the benefits of wearing this newer type of braces on teeth:

  • Copper archwires – with memory alloy
  • Maximum control – teeth are moved into correct positions faster
  • Less discomfort – patients report less pain
  • Accuracy – because the archwire is designed by a robot
  • Precision – three-dimensional computerized images of a patient’s bite
  • Fewer office visits – the wires adjust automatically
  • Fast examinations – specialized tools lead to fast examinations

The SureSmile Difference

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