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Treatment time for the Damon system. Although braces were first invented back in 1728 they were not the devices that were either convenient or subtle. In reality, Pierre Fauchard, the so-called “Father of Modern Orthodontics,” was famous for using forceps to move teeth to where he needed them to go-ouch! Here at Childers Orthodontics, we are proud to note that from those early days, the braces of today have come a very long way. In this post, we’ll lay out what to expect and the treatment time for Damon System Braces. Let’s get cracking on with it.

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Mail-Order Orthodontics and Danger (5 REASONS TO AVOID THEM)

Mail-order orthodontics is a relatively new type of orthodontic treatment that is available online. Many companies offer these braces to people who have problems such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, gaps, and other issues.  However, these braces fall short in several areas. It’s always best to see an orthodontist up close and in the office. Here’s a little bit more information about the mail-order orthodontics. In this post, we’ll show you all the facts on mail-order orthodontics and why they fall short. Let’s get cracking.

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8 Signs of a Good Orthodontist | EPIC FACTS FOR MOMS TO READ

Signs of a good orthodontist. Many people see an orthodontist at least once by the time they are in their late teens. For one reason or the other, you may have missed your appointment and want to get an orthodontic checkup. There are various benefits to enjoy from seeing an orthodontist and you may even have a positive experience if you land in the hands of a good orthodontist. But before you decide on one, you may want to know the signs of a good orthodontist. In this post, we’ll show you. Let’s get cracking.
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Abnormal Jaw Pains TMJ and Treatment | AMAZING FACTS in 2020

When jaw pain or TMJ pain strikes, it is often difficult to perform basic actions such as chewing and speaking comfortably. Although pain from other areas of your body can be referred to the jaw, this type of pain is usually associated with either your temporomandibular joint or the muscles and tendons that surround it. Since this joint is one of the most complicated ones in your body, it is important to have even the slightest or briefest bit of pain assessed by your orthodontist. In this post, we’ll show what TMJ is and how to sort it. Let’s get cracking.

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What is a Water Pick? | Do I Need one in 2020 | FAST FACTS

Water picks (water pik brand) sometimes called “oral irrigators or a Water flosser,” make an excellent addition to your regular home care regimen of brushing and flossing. They are especially helpful to those who suffer from periodontal disease and those patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment with traditional full-bracketed braces. In this post, we’ll show you what a Water Pick is and why it isn’t dental floss and how to use it. Let’s get cracking.

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Mouth Ulcer While Wearing Braces in 2020 | READ WHAT TO DO

A Mouth ulcer while wearing braces. Orthodontic braces effectively straighten teeth over a period of time, to produce a more attractive smile. Today, new products such as Invisalign make it easier than ever to have straighter teeth and have made it possible for even more children and adults to enjoy a healthier, better smile. However, occasionally these devices will produce uncomfortable mouth ulcers that make it difficult to eat and talk. If your child develops a problem with a mouth ulcer, talk to your orthodontist for ideas to help relieve the discomfort. In this post, we’ll show you how to deal with a mouth ulcer while wearing braces. Let’s get cracking.

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Is the Comprehensive (Damon System) Treatment Costly?

How Much Does the Damon System Treatment Cost? Today is a unique time in the history of orthodontic medicine. With ongoing rapid advances in oral health technology and medical knowledge, orthodontic practitioners are able to achieve rapid results for even the most complex oral health problems.

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If You Don’t Want Traditional Metal Braces, What Are The Other Options?

If You Don’t Want Traditional Metal Braces, What Are The Other Options? There was a time quite recently in history when traditional metal braces were the only orthodontic treatment option for correcting crooked or misaligned teeth. Because of this, every person who wanted a straighter smile had one choice and only one choice.

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Orthodontic Fact #4 Treatments can start at the young age


As years have gone by, the healthcare has recorded a significant number of changes that has been brought with the advancement of technology especially the dentist department. Orthodontists are a group of dentists who are highly qualified and trained to correct jaws and teeth of an individual that are positioned in the wrong way.

Long ago, young children were forced to lose their teeth as there was no way to solve any mouth or jaw issue, especially for young people. Younger children were not allowed to wear braces as it was only recommended to teenagers and older people. In today’s world, children have a chance to benefit from wearing these appliances. Regardless of the fact that orthodontists wait for permanent teeth to grow before one can wear these metal braces, there are exceptions as desperate time calls for desperate measures. A child can be fitted partial braces when he/she has baby teeth or fitted with Phase I braces.

Phase I

Phase I braces are applied in instances when a child has a severe problem such as a crossbite and has baby teeth. With such server problems, it can lead to trauma if not attended to or if neglected. During this phase, the upper jaw is expanded while the teeth are straightened to ensure both the top and bottom jaws are aligned correctly. The phase lasts for nearly nine months, and it can be replaced with retainers.

Phase II

A child is fitted with Phase II orthodontics when their permanent teeth have erupted to help in aligning the child’s teeth. For the case of older children, they can be fitted with Invisalign trays to help strengthen the child’s teeth. An orthodontist is the only person who can prescribe on what is to be done and what not to do.

Having in mind that straight teeth are necessary for consuming a healthy diet, it is important to let an orthodontist diagnose your child. You can rely on us to conduct the necessary procedure and ensure your child’s teeth are taken care of and you child gets a healthy smile.

Call Our Orthodontist Today to Schedule Your First Appointment

At Childers Orthodontics in Benton, Ill., Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers expert care for children, teenagers, and adults. Our orthodontist provides these treatments to repair misaligned teeth:

• Damon System – passive self-ligating devices
• Braces – traditional wires and brackets or color-matching ceramic brackets
• Aligners – designed by Invisalign
• Retainers – designed for keeping teeth in correct positions
• SureSmile – customized arch wires
• Propel – alveolar perforations for faster bone formation

Call us to schedule your first orthodontic evaluation.

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Orthodontic Fact #5 Braces are now worn as a fashion statement

smileHave Your Teeth Straightened With Unique Orthodontic Devices

If you are a teenager who needs braces, then you don’t need to wear boring color-matching ceramic or metallic brackets to fix your teeth. Today, many teenagers are choosing colorful brackets and wires for their braces in order to have a fashionable appearance. The most important thing about getting your teeth straightened is visiting an orthodontist for an evaluation. When you have moderate to serious malocclusions, you will need to wear wires and brackets to repair the problems. However, when you only have mild misalignments, you can wear removable Invisalign aligners instead.

Colorful Brackets and Wires Will Make Orthodontic Treatment a Lot of Fun

An orthodontist will provide information concerning colorful brackets or bands. You can choose one color such as red, blue or yellow, but you can also select a rainbow of different colors to express your personality. Wearing beautiful colors of brackets and wires can offer you an attractive facial appearance along with looking fantastic with your clothing. If you select a unique color of braces, then your friends will recognize you anywhere by simply seeing your smile. Wearing bright colorful wires and brackets can make undergoing orthodontic treatment fun.

Schedule Your First Appointment With Childers Orthodontics Today

Childers Orthodontics has three great locations where teenagers can have a great experience having their teeth examined. Call one of these offices today to schedule your first orthodontic appointment with Dr. Kyle R. Childers:

• Herrin – 618-997-1800
• Harrisburg – 618-252-0770
• Benton – 618-438-2815

At our orthodontic office, teenagers can choose from an assortment of orthodontic devices that include:

• Damon System
• Metallic braces
• Colorful SureSmile devices
• Invisalign aligners

If you want to reduce your treatment time, then request an iTero arch wire and Propel treatment. In addition, you can use an AcceleDent Aura device at home for 15-minutes each night to stimulate your alveolar bones.

Orthodontic Fact #5 in style. Braces are now worn as a fashion statement

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