Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 10: Cucumber

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cucumbersTeeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 10: Cucumber

Patients who wear braces to align their teeth know that there are some foods they’re just going to have to avoid, at least for the time their braces are in. Even people who wear Invisalign have been told by their orthodontist that some foods are more teeth-friendly than others. One of those teeth-friendly foods is the cucumber.

Why the Cucumber?

The cucumber is ever so good for teeth because the crunchiness of a fresh cuke scours them gently. At the same time the flesh of this vegetable/fruit doesn’t get tangled up in brackets and wires. Even if it did, the amount of sugars and starches left behind are minimal. A cucumber that weighs 50 grams has 1.7 grams of carbohydrates, 48 grams of water and 13 grams of calcium. It also has 8 calories, which may make it one of those vegetables that has fewer calories than it takes to eat it.

Serving Cucumbers

Though it is superb in salads, the cucumber is surprisingly versatile. A person wearing braces or Invisalign can enjoy cucumbers:

  • In cold soups and casseroles.
  • Mixed with Greek yogurt.
  • As ribbons of cucumber “pasta.”
  • As surprisingly tasty cucumber sandwiches.
  • As cucumber sauce served on cold fish.

Small cucumber called kirbys are perfect for pickling, which is a skill that’s worth learning.

What to Look For

Store bought cucumbers should be firm and dark green. Yellowing, pitted or spongy ones are past their prime. If the patient has some room in the backyard, they can grow their own cucumbers. They are easy to grow from seeds or transplants. Indeed, they may be too easy to grow, for under the right conditions cucumbers are rampant.

Call Childers Orthodontics

For more information on what’s good to eat as teeth come into alignment, don’t hesitate to call our orthodontist at Childers Orthodontics. Our numbers are (618) 438-2815; 252-0770 or 997-1800.

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