Patient feedback is very important to Childers Orthodontics who constantly strive to deliver a better orthodontic experience from their patient’s very first consultation to the day they get your braces off.

Below is a small selection of unsolicited testimonials from real patients of Childers Orthodontics in Southern Illinois.

"From my very first appointment at your office, I felt like everyone really cared about how my smile would turn out. If I had to “rate” my experience at Dr. Childers’ office, I would be hard-pressed to find a score that would be high enough. I have had such a great experience at your establishment and I am so happy with my smile!"

"The office staff at Dr. Childers’ office is amazing. With my surgery, Dr. Childers actually called me at home to make sure I was doing okay and to see if I needed anything. He also sent me flowers. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend Dr. Childers’ office to anybody."

"Everyone was really friendly and made me feel very comfortable despite how nervous I was. Dr. Childers was very helpful and answered all of my questions."

"Who knew that going to the orthodontist could be fun! My daughters are both patients at Dr. Childers office. My oldest is out of braces and my youngest is finishing up. The girls ALWAYS have a great experience and really like how the staff treats them like best friends. Dr. Childers even talks to them about their shoes! My youngest has braces with SureSmile® which is fabulous. She has worn her braces less time and had less discomfort than her sister. The girls have had such a great time that I am even thinking about getting Invisalign for myself when Tanner is done!"

"We LOVE everyone at Dr. Childers’ office. Every staff member is exceptionally professional and really great with kids of all ages. Dr. Childers has surrounded himself with great people who work hard to make each patient feel special. My daughter’s progress has been amazing, she can’t wait to see the finished product!!"

"My friends told me that braces really stink. But when I was deciding when to get my braces, Dr. Childers made it sound so fun that I wanted to get them the very next day! In a year or so I’ll be getting them off but I love Dr. Childers so much, I might just come back to visit!"

"Their offices are very clean and nicely decorated. The staff is extremely friendly and genuinely care about their patients. I like that you do a lot for your patients (giveaways, points, party) and also give back to the community with donations."

"I’m really happy with everyone at Dr. Childers. I have a really hectic work schedule & they’re always willing to go out of their way to help with my scheduling."

"I would like to send a sincere huge “THANK YOU” to all the staff at Dr. Childers’ office. My smile is looking great! It did not take long to fall in love with the staff. Each and every part of the team was extremely warm and friendly. They worked patiently with me to schedule appointments around my busy schedule. I was always greeted with a nice smile and a sincere friendly conversation. On one visit a staff member and I were discussing recipes. In a few days the recipe I was interested in came in the mail to my home… how thoughtful!!"


Actual Childers Orthodontics Patients

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