What is the SureSmile Process?

SureSmile Benton ILThe SureSmile Process is a 3-step system that matches precision braces designed for you with advanced technology to move your teeth with more precision than ever before. Once insertion of your SureSmile wire is complete, you will be one step closer to the beautiful, brilliant smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Step 1: Advanced Imaging

During this first step, SureSmile generates a 3-D computer model of your teeth by scanning your teeth with advanced imaging technology. These 3-D images can be captured by both the OraScanner or the Cone Beam Computed Tomograhy (also known as CBCT and C-arm CT). The CBT consists of x-ray computed technology that uses divergent x-rays that form a cone. These scans enable your doctor to make a better analysis of the orientation and position of your teeth and roots by reflecting the detail between different tissue types such as bone, teeth, nerves and soft tissue. Once one of these types of X-ray tools are used, the first step of your SureSmile treatment is complete.

Step 2: Prescriptive Planning

Dr. Childers can now use your 3-D model to view your teeth from any angle. It also allows him to see how they fit together. By using SureSmile Treatment Planning software that offers visual simulation tools, your orthodontist can now determine the projected position of your teeth and create an effective treatment plan to correlate with your specific needs. The intended final position of each tooth is planned in advance to provide you with insight into the final outcome and to prevent any surprises. You’re almost ready for Step 3!

Step 3: Robotic Accuracy

Once an appropriate treatment plan has been determined, SureSmile instructs a robot to bend a Shape Memory Alloy Archwire in accordance with your orthodontists individualized prescription. These wires were designed for the purpose of delivering gentle forces needed to maneuver your teeth consistently, frequently and most importantly, directly to their intended final position. They are made by heating Ni-TI metal to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit during the robotic customization process. Your body heat activates them, and they permanently retain your individual prescription.

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The SureSmile Process