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You want to take a picture of yourself with a smile that is dazzling even without filters. But, you’re concerned of how your teeth are aligned. One of the ways on how you can achieve a beautiful smile is through braces. Your mouth may be too crowded or there may be large gaps between your teeth. You may also have a problem with the alignment of your bite. Your front teeth may protrude in such an obvious way that there is no way to hide them. Troubleshooting these concerns are no big deal if you have a skilled and experienced orthodontist. Take a look at celebrities with braces before and after. The treatment that they chose helped them to transform their smiles. However, you need to remember that the treatments will be efficient should you choose to entrust it to your orthodontist.

Famous People with Braces Might Surprise You

When you look at celebrities with braces before and after, it will help you to move forward with your own treatment plan. There is a long list of well-known figures who chose braces to make the most out of their smile. Some of them may be surprising to you. Take into account the royal family in England. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made quite a splash in the news. Everyone kept track of their fairy tale romance down to their fascinating wedding. Harry is quite the catch as the dashing prince with a beautiful set of pearly whites. Believe it or not, his smile wasn’t always so dazzling. He had extra help in his teen years with a set of braces. Older brother William wore them as well. The treatment that they chose gave them the eye-catching smiles they have today.

Prince Harry

An Incredible Smile Doesn’t Have to be a Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise has been winning over fans since he starred in Risky Business over twenty years ago. His smile has always grabbed our attention. What people may not know is he chose to improve that smile in his 40’s with ceramic brackets that were clear, so that no one would notice that he was undergoing orthodontic treatment. Tom Cruise is indeed a living testimony that you don’t have to be a kid to get the most out of your smile.

Take a Lesson from a Country Crooner

Faith Hill is another example of a celebrity who chose braces to realize the full potential of properly aligned teeth. She was 45 when she went for her second round with braces. They’d been effective for her while she was a child. However, she made a common mistake that so many patients do. She didn’t wear her retainer, which is one of the post-operative instructions given after the braces are taken off, and her teeth shifted to the wrong alignment again. She took charge with help from her orthodontist, lighting up the stage every time she opens her mouth to sing.

It’s All About Choosing the Right Orthodontist

Famous or not, young or old, it doesn’t matter. If your orthodontist tells you that you are in dire need of orthodontic treatment, then you REALLY ARE in need of orthodontic treatment. No buts, no ifs. Your results from braces can be amazing, but you have to choose the right practitioner to help you through it. You need someone who is highly trained in the most current treatment plans. You also want an orthodontist with experience. When your orthodontist has an excellent track record, positive reviews, and a gallery of before and after photos to prove it, rest assured, you will be in good hands.

What to Expect When You Seek Orthodontic Treatment

If your teeth aren’t straight or you have an issue with spacing, your top notch orthodontist is going to be your go-to resource about your treatment options. The first step is to schedule your consultation. During your initial visit to your orthodontist, your teeth will be evaluated. Your orthodontist will perform a physical examination. Medical imagery will be used as well to provide a comprehensive view of your teeth. Once your orthodontist has been able to identify your trouble spots, creating your personalized treatment plan will be next.

Orthodontic [Testimonials] From Our Amazing Patients in Southern Illinois

Don’t Make Any Assumptions About Your Treatment Options

When you think about braces, the first image that comes to mind is a mouthful of shiny metal. While traditional braces that include brackets and wires are still the most common alternative, your orthodontist can open the door to many other options. You may be able to wear your braces on the back of your teeth. If you must go with brackets and wires, you could go with ceramic braces that match your teeth or are clear, like Tom Cruise. Invisalign could be the ideal solution for you, like it was for tennis star, Serena Williams. Invisalign consists of clear aligners that are customized to fit your teeth. They are made from a durable plastic that is medical-grade to ensure that they will stand up to the test of time. You slide them in over your teeth and wear them for at least 22 hours every day. If you play a contact sport or you have a big event coming up, you can take them out. You can also remove them to make sure your oral hygiene is up to par. If this method is right for you, your orthodontic treatment will be practically invisible. Your orthodontist will be your guide as you review your options to choose what’s best for you.

How to Get the Best Results from Orthodontic Treatment

The best way to acquire an optimum result from orthodontic treatment is to choose an orthodontist with a reputation for excellence. A successful treatment consists of a two-way process. Your orthodontist plans out what’s best for you and in return, you need to follow pre and post-operative instructions given and faithfully attend to follow-up appointments. While you are undergoing treatment, you will need to take good care of your teeth to make sure they remain healthy and strong. Avoid foods and drinks that are too acidic that may stain your teeth. If you are advised not to have certain foods so you won’t damage your braces, do what you are told. Keep your regular appointments with your orthodontist. Your teeth will be monitored closely in case you need any adjustments. Once your braces or other form of orthodontic treatment is over, you will need to wear a retainer. Pay attention to your orthodontist’s guidelines about your retainer. This simple device will help you to maintain what has been fixed by your braces.

So, what are you waiting for? Knock out all the anxious thoughts and let your orthodontist help you in taking care of your precious pearly whites.


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Top Celebrities with Braces

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