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Treatment time for the Damon system. Although braces were first invented back in 1728 they were not the devices that were either convenient or subtle. In reality, Pierre Fauchard, the so-called “Father of Modern Orthodontics,” was famous for using forceps to move teeth to where he needed them to go-ouch! Here at Childers Orthodontics, we are proud to note that from those early days, the braces of today have come a very long way. In this post, we’ll lay out what to expect and the treatment time for Damon System Braces. Let’s get cracking on with it.


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What Is the Damon System?

The Damon System is a treatment that can be successfully used to move teeth for patients of all ages in less time than traditional braces. The modern, streamlined, and sleek hardware makes use of what is called “self-ligating” technology to reduce discomfort and shorten treatment times.

The term “self-ligating” means that the system is self-contained and requires no use of elastic bands or metal ties, both of which can cause abrasion and discomfort. The simple self-ligating hardware consists of just two pieces: an archwire and brackets.

Each tooth gets its own individual bracket in either traditional metal or clear (these are nearly invisible!) The upper set of teeth gets one archwire and the lower set of teeth gets one archwire. From here, the orthodontist makes small adjustments to ensure the teeth move into proper alignment in the shortest possible time period with the greatest possible comfort to the patient in less time than traditional braces, Fact.


The Benefits of the Damon System

The Damon System Treatment has become popular over time as its benefits become more widely recognized. These benefits are the same for all ages of patient but may be particularly appreciated in young patients, who often lack the patience to do the extra brushing and flossing and dietary/activity modifications required by traditional braces.

Damon System benefits include (but are not limited to:)

  • The choice of metal or clear hardware allows for image-sensitive patients to choose the least visible treatment system.
  • The system can treat mild or moderately severe malocclusions (misalignments) of teeth and bite.
  • The hardware is very easy to clean and maintain, with far less brushing and flossing than with traditional braces.
  • Fewer orthodontist visits are required for adjustments and hardware repairs (on average, only half as many visits for traditional braces, which also saves on drive time and expense of treatment).
  • The overall treatment time tends to be shorter by as much as six months when compared to traditional braces.
  • Treatment is much less invasive on average, with less discomfort, fewer abrasions to soft mouth tissues, and less risk of damage to hardware through everyday activities.
  • Often the need to extract teeth (for example, with issues of overcrowding) can be completely avoided with the Damon System.
  • There is zero risk of swallowing any of the hardware (elastic bands, O-rings, metal ties) because the Damon System has no external additional parts.
  • The result is the widest, healthiest, and most balanced possible smile with exceptional tooth and jaw alignment.
  • The much lighter weight hardware is not only comfier but places less pressure on teeth and helps to maintain optimal blood flow for fast treatment success.




Talking Treatment Times: How Fast is “Fast?”

It just stands to reason that any orthodontic patient will want to see the results of their treatment right away….and even yesterday, if possible! After all, that is the whole reason orthodontia was invented: to give patients the chance to move teeth and have the best oral health as well as a smile to be proud of and show off at every opportunity.

So how fast, exactly, is “fast?” With the Damon System, research has identified precisely how much faster this system can deliver treatment results than traditional braces. The average length of treatment time for conventional orthodontic treatment is 27.5 months, or two years and 3.5 months.

The average length of treatment time for Damon System treatment is 20.3 months, or one year and 8.3 months. That is a difference of just over seven months! Here, it just makes sense why the Damon system, like the equally popular trailblazing Invisalign system of aligners, has become so popular and in-demand among orthodontic patients.

That is seven months free from wearing orthodontic hardware, free from visiting the orthodontist for adjustments, free from wondering and waiting when you will finally have the perfect, beautiful smile you’ve been waiting to see!


Where to Start with Damon System

If you want to learn more about the Damon System braces and find out if you are a good candidate, the first step is to schedule your treatment consultation with Dr. Childers.


Schedule an Appointment

In Illinois, you visit Childers Orthodontics to have an examination to determine if you need to straighten your teeth with orthodontic treatment. Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers his services to adults, teenagers, and children in three locations that include:

Herrin – 618-997-1800

Harrisburg – 618-252-0770

Benton – 618-438-2815

After an evaluation of your mouth, our orthodontist can determine if you need to wear one of these types of devices:

Damon System – uses self-ligating brackets

Braces – made with traditional metal and wire brackets

Invisalign – aligners designed for teenagers or adults

On top of the Damon System braces, patients at Childers Orthodontics can also request the AcceleDent Aura system to reduce the amount of time required for their orthodontic treatment.  Schedule an appointment online or by calling (618) 438-2815. and start towards a beautiful smile without the pains and issues that come with traditional braces.

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