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What are Temporary Anchorage Devices? (TAD’s) | 5 FAST FACTS

The presence of crooked teeth is a big nuisance and can greatly affect your confidence in social situations. Previously, such teeth were fixed using high-pull headgear, elastics, bite blocks, and functional appliances. Serious cases of crooked teeth had to be fixed through surgery.


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What are Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)?

Temporary Anchorage Devices or TADs can now be used to correct your bite. These are minimally invasive implants. Instead of surgery, you can choose to go for these implants. However, not all cases can be corrected with TADs; some people might still have to go for surgery.

The mini-screw implants are made of titanium alloy and are inserted into the bone of the posterior maxillary molars. They allow the teeth to move in ways that were previously impossible. TADs can be removed at any point in the future. The procedure takes only a few minutes and does not involve any significant pain. Children can even go for the procedure if their teeth need to be straightened. Most doctors use a topical anesthetic gel instead of shots when working on younger patients.


What Are TADs Supposed to Treat?

These implants are meant to correct these dental problems:

• Deep bites
Open bites
• Protrusive incisors
• Molars that have erupted abnormally

Unlike many other treatment options, TADs always deliver positive results. They are also easier to use compared to traditional methods.


Do TADs Involve any Pain?

The implants are inserted quickly and usually don’t involve any pain. Topical anesthetic gels are typically used to reduce the amount of pain. The anesthetic will wear off after some time, and you will experience a small amount of pain for about 24 hours. This pain should not last for days. If this happens, it is possible that the implants have been tampered with. An orthodontist will be able to fix this problem quickly.

As long as you take care of the implants, you should not expect any complications for the entire time that you will have the implants on. The doctor will remove the implants quickly, and this will not involve any pain at all.





What Are the Side Effects of these Implants?

TADs are very safe and don’t come with any side effects. However, there is a risk of the implants getting loose over time. In such cases, you will have to revisit your doctor to get it fixed. You should expect some pain after the implants have been placed in your bone. This pain shouldn’t last for more than three days. You can get rid of the discomfort using Tylenol. If the pain persists after a few days, you should get them checked.

Sometimes, the implants irritate the mouth. This is usually solved by placing some orthodontic wax on the head of the TADs. If the irritation does not disappear, you might have to go back to your doctor to get them fixed. The implants will not cause any damage to the teeth, jaws, or other tissues in the mouth.


How Should You Care for TADs?

TADs are very easy to maintain. You should brush your teeth regularly to clean the implants. For the first five days, you should use mouthwash to get rid of bacteria in the mouth. This should be done twice a day for the said period. The same treatment should be used to clean the surface of the implants until you get them removed.

You only need to dip your toothbrush in the solution and gently brush the implant. It is important to only use manual toothbrushes for this task instead of electric devices. Hitting the implants with an electric toothbrush is easy. Also, you shouldn’t fidget with the TAD implants.

What Are The Benefits of TADs?

These implants are highly advantageous to people with crooked teeth. Here are some benefits of TADs:

  •  The placement of the implants is almost painless. The devices are about 1.5 millimeters in length. Your orthodontist will start by applying a local anesthetic, usually in the form of a topical gel.
    • They are highly reliable and can treat mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment. Orthodontists can reliably predict the results you should expect with the treatment.
    • They help to prevent unwanted movements of the teeth
    • TADs straighten teeth faster than most alternative options. The speed of treatment will vary among patients. In some cases, you will only need to keep the implants for a month. In contrast, braces might have to be worn for 18 months or even longer.
    • They are aesthetically pleasing, especially when compared to headgear
    • They are easy to care for
    • The removal of the implants is simple and painless. You will not even need anesthetics for the task. The site of the implants will heal on its own in just a few days.
    • They solve the anchorage issue that had been a problem with Invisalign treatments.




There are many treatment options for misaligned teeth. However, traditional treatments have flaws and are not convenient for a person that is trying to straighten the teeth. For example, headgear and braces affect your general appearance, and Invisalign treatments don’t solve the anchorage problem. Temporary Anchorage Devices or TADs are highly convenient and work faster than most of these options.

This treatment is also very safe and does not involve any significant pain. You can go for these implants if you have deep bites, open bites, protrusive incisors, or molars that have erupted abnormally. You can call us for the placement of temporary anchorage devices around Benton, IL. Call Dr. Childers to schedule your first orthodontic evaluation.

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What are Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s)?

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