What Is Invisalign and How Does It Work?

A smile is one of the first things people will notice about you, and one of the most memorable. If your smile isn’t all that you want it to be, due to crooked or misaligned teeth, a traditional brace may be the first solution to pop into your head. However, they are very noticeable. Adults as well as children or adolescents may find them to be too glaringly obvious and might become self-conscious while wearing them.



What Is Invisalign and How Does It Work?

If you’re worried about needing and want an unobtrusive way to straighten your teeth, there is a solution. Clear solutions, such as Invisalign, can help you get the straight, dazzling smile you want while preventing future problems that may be caused by misaligned teeth or an uneven bite.

How can you know if this is the correct solution for you or your child? Keep reading for all the facts about this incredible technology, including how it works and whether it’s right for you!

What is Invisalign?

These clear braces gradually straighten teeth with a series of plastic aligners. They’re just about invisible and are custom made to fit your teeth, so no one can even tell that they’re there. You switch to a new set every two weeks or so and they move your teeth almost imperceptibly.

Unlike traditional teeth straighteners that are highly noticeable and can sometimes be painful, these are fairly comfortable and there are no wires or brackets that can snap and cause injuries in your mouth. Because of this lack of wires, you can also eat and drink just about whatever you want, and brush and floss as you regularly would. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the fun colors of rubber bands, but that is kind of the point of being invisible!

How Does Invisalign Work?

They are a custom pair of shoes. They’re made to fit you, and only you for maximum comfort and efficacy. Your teeth are wholly unique and unlike anyone else’s, so shouldn’t your tooth alignment be, as well? As we stated before, Invisalign straightens your teeth over a period using a series of clear plastic aligners. Because your orthodontist will have them specially made from a mold of your teeth, they are quite comfortable and many people tend to forget they are even wearing them!

Every two weeks, you swap out your current aligner for the next one. It gently nudges your teeth into their proper places while you go about your day for the most part unhindered. One of the most unique and convenient parts of this technology is the ability to eat and drink whatever you want without fear of breaking a bracket or getting bits of food stuck in a wire.

Because they are removable, you can brush and floss your teeth as you would regularly, without having to take extra care or use any special tools. Of course, you will want to keep up a good standard of oral hygiene. They may be a barrier between your teeth and the food you eat, but they aren’t a force field!


Is Invisalign Right For You?

If you’re interested in using them to straighten your teeth and improve your smile or bite, the first step is to talk to your orthodontist. They can help you make that decision based on the severity of your situation and your personal feelings.

However, if you are worried about being self-conscious when wearing braces, or your child wants to have their teeth straightened without calling too much attention to it, they might just be perfect.

One reason a lot of people choose them is that they travel a lot or work irregular hours and may not have the time or space required to properly clean their teeth while wearing traditional tooth straighteners. Others simply like the idea of discreetly improving the way their teeth are aligned.

Then some are very sensitive to oral pressure or pain. Unlike other methods, these are very gentle on the teeth, and because you switch out the aligners every two weeks, the straightening process is almost imperceptible. You won’t feel the same discomfort you would when you go in to have your brackets and wires tightened.

There are a great many reasons why people would choose Invisalign over traditional braces. If you feel like you or your child may benefit from them, don’t hesitate to talk to your orthodontist about your options. They can help guide you through the more technical details of the process, as well as provide you with success stories from people who have already been there.



Schedule an Appointment

In Illinois, you visit Childers Orthodontics to have an examination to determine if you need to straighten your teeth. Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers his services to adults, teenagers, and children in three locations that include:

Herrin – 618-997-1800
Harrisburg – 618-252-0770
Benton – 618-438-2815

After an evaluation of your mouth, our orthodontist can determine if you need to wear one of these types of devices:

Damon System – uses self-ligating brackets
Braces – made with traditional metal and wire brackets
Invisalign – aligners designed for teenagers or adults

Patients at Childers Orthodontics can also request the AcceleDent Aura system to reduce the amount of time required for their orthodontic treatment.  Schedule an appointment online or by calling (618) 438-2815.


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What Is Invisalign and How Does It Work?

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