Where has my Orthodontist Gone?

Orthodontic treatment lasts years for most patients. One necessary thing is keeping the same expert throughout the treatment time scale. When using a corporate office for treatment you may find your orthodontist just disappears. You may have multiple experts during your treatment. In this post, we’ll take you through why using an independent orthodontist is key to a successful result. Let’s get going.

The days of one expert per client are over. The ’70s were the last time this was common. Below you can find out the reasons.

Orthodontist Debt From Schooling

Orthodontists are underpaid and over-educated. Ortho education is expensive, requiring at least 10 years of schooling after high school. 4 college years plus 4 dental programs including 2 more for an orthopedic residency to become licensed.

This makes it difficult for new graduates who have student loans with debts on their shoulders when they graduate.

Furthermore, overhead costs are high, and it’s difficult for new graduates to start or buy their practice because they can barely afford rent. It makes no sense financially to take out loans just so you have crippling debt looming around the corner when there is an opportunity with low overheads which will allow more chance at success than any student could hope/dream of having in this day & age.

New Graduates Work For Others First

Corporate dentistry capitalized on the needy newcomer. Companies hire new doctors to provide care. They manage the business side from afar. One way corporate dental practices do this is through what’s called affiliations or joint ventures: these can involve either one-time partnering (the two entities coming together for a specific project) as well as long-standing ones such where each party agrees to integrate his service delivery into the others overall philosophy.

If you’ve ever had any form of dental work done, likely, someone in your office will eventually recommend an orthodontist. Orthodontists can be found all over the place – from primary care doctors’ offices to pediatric dentistry.

However, there are many different types under one umbrella: general practice. This includes oral surgeons and periodontists specialists alike who want their clinic once they’ve saved up some money for materials like equipment upgrades or construction costs (which vary.)

Dental school graduates will have to make a choice. Find the money to begin independently or work for another until funding is dealt with.

The Corporate Office Issues

With the advancement of orthodontic technology, many companies have started hiring doctors to provide this service. However, there are some drawbacks if you work for a corporation that cannot offer all benefits and privileges as compared with self-owned practices.

The first disadvantage is having worker’s compensation restrictions which means they can’t cover your dental or medical expenses should anything bad happen on duty; another issue may be less autonomy over patient management since corporations often set policies about how things will go down rather than allowing each doctor in charge decides their course of action freely without any interference whatsoever from higher-ups.

  • The original treatment plan may be changed
  • The hiring of newer, less experienced doctors
  • Control over the treatment
  • A change in experts mid-treatment
  • The treatment process may take longer

Private practices are a better option for those looking to receive quality medical care. Doctors who have developed personal relationships with patients can provide more personalized treatment plans, as opposed to assembly-line medicine. Private healthcare offers peace of mind knowing that your doctor won’t be going anywhere anytime soon they’ll always be there when needed most during difficult times or just checking up on an annual basis.


At Childers Orthodontics in Illinois, our orthodontist can oversee your treatment from start to finish. We are open for new children, teenagers, and adults to have an examination. To learn more about straightening their teeth and the devices used during treatment. We will explain all in easy-to-understand formats. So you can rest assured of your treatment quality.

Dr. Kyle R. Childers offers expertise in all procedures. This is to reduce the amount of time required for wearing orthodontic devices. Call us to schedule your first appointment for an orthodontic evaluation.



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